Membership drops 3,000 in four years

It certainly looks as if emigration has taken its toll on GAA clubs across the county, according to revelations at the convention, which was held in the Stewartstown St.Marys club on Sunday.

Club membership in Tyrone has fallen by over 3,000 people in Tyrone over the last four years figures revealed in the Tyrone County Report have revealed.

Adult membership of clubs in Tyrone fell by 409 on the year to 12,803 members.

This represents a fall in total membership of 3,043 from the high in 2009 of 15,846, a fall of just under 20 per cent.

The 2009 figure corresponds with the season after Tyrone won their third All Ireland title and the ticket rush in September 2008 was clearly playing on the minds of county supporters.

It should be noted that the figures fail to take account of youth membership which was 6,933 this year.

Membership at a number of local clubs has also dipped sharply in this period with 12 clubs recording membership drops of 100 or more since 2009.

Galbally’s membership dropped by 401 adult members over the period. The club had 797 registered members in 2009 but this had fallen to 396 this year.

Coalisland, Carrickmore and Drumragh all lost in excess of 200 member in the period, Coalisland losing 227 members, Carrickmore 237 and Drumragh 245.

A number of clubs have bucked this trend with Brocagh increasing their membership by 81 members and Eglish adding 58 new members over the three years.