Hockey: Burns hits double as Rainey Ladies win on the road to Grosvenor Ladies

Rainey ES's Ulster representatives, Tori Hastings and Rachel Burns.
Rainey ES's Ulster representatives, Tori Hastings and Rachel Burns.

Rainey 2 Grosvenor 1

Rainey ladies travelled to Belfast to play Grosvenor.

The girls knew this would be a tough match and knew they had to play their best. During the match the rain never relented especially in the second half meaning the girls were playing in tough conditions and were absolutely soaked.

The game started off tight with break aways from both teams but the defence on both sides were strong. Grosvenor after all there attacking won a short corner but the Rainey were able to defend.

The Rainey ladies then had a very strong attack through multiple great passes and an excellent run by Rachel Burns. Rachel carried the ball right into the circle did a dummy pass and scored. The Rainey ladies were 1-0 up.

Grosvenor weren’t for giving up that easily and continued to place pressure on the Rainey defence and scored the equalising goal to finish the first half.

In the second period the pressure was continued by both teams which a high level of skill and ability shown.

The Rainey were the first to receive a short corner in the second half. The girls decided on a slip pass back to Rachel Burns and they scored. Putting Rainey back out in the lead.

Grosvenor gave a good fight right up to the end with multiple attacks and short corners but the Rainey’s defence Rosie Taylor, Louise McMaster, Kirsty Mclarnon and Jill Black held strong placing strong tackles which secured the Rainey ladies victory.