Hockey: Rainey Endowed School get past Friends Lisburn and into seventh final

Alex Burns strikes for Rainey.
Alex Burns strikes for Rainey.

The Rainey Junior Hockey Team knew they had a lot to live up as they travelled to the Junior Cup semi finals.

Having watched their Senior Girls Team reach the Ulster Schools Final for the first time in 37 years and being about to play in the schools seventh Junior Cup semi final in a row, the girls knew there was a lot of expectation on them.

Indeed nerves overwhelmed the Rainey girls as they arrived at Royal School Dungannon. In the first half the Rainey girls were pressed well by Friends’ attacking play.

The Lisburn school attacked strongly down Rainey’s left line, and the defence of Sarah McGuckin and Cara Brown were put under great pressure by them. Abbie Speers and Zoe Crooks continued to mark their players well and clear the ball out wide and away from Friends’, leaving the forwards time to get back.

In the second half the Rainey girls were refreshed and after a good team talk were ready to go! The girls were a lot more settled and there was some lovely play between Lauren Mulholland, Andrea Hegarty, Ellen Campbell and Betty Scott which lead to a Rainey short corner. A strong shot from Alex Burns was well turned into the goal by Andrea Hegarty to make the score 1-0 to Rainey.

The Rainey girls then started to play their normal game, with some great runs from Lauren Mulholland and Lauryn Heaney. After a nice ball from Alex Burns to Ellen Campbell, to Andrea Hegarty Rainey got their second goal from a great Andrea Hegarty one-on-one with the Friends goalkeeper.

Friends attacked temporarily but Charlotte McKinlay and goal keeper Victoria Cousley soon stopped their attempts. The game finished 2-0 much to delight of the Rainey girls and their great supporters.

Well done to the girls who will compete in the Junior Cup final for the seventh year in a row!