Impressive Rainey defeat Annadale

RAINEY made the trip to Annadale for the final league match of the season. From the beginning it was clear that Rainey were determined to win. After initially defending Rainey got the ball up the pitch for their first attack of the game.

It was not long into the first half until Rainey’s continuous attack was rewarded. After some brilliant play from midfielders Clare Mulholland and Zara Bell the ball found the end of Jenna Bowman’s stick at the top of the circle, but it didn’t stay there for long.

Jenna skilfully created enough space for a shot on goal and the ball ended clinking off the corner of the backboard.

After pass back Rainey continued to attack and eventually some great forward movement from Jayne Allen and Lorraine Hyndman resulted in Nicole Heaney winning a penalty corner. Following an accurately taken penalty corner form Jayne Allen, Jenna Bowman worked the ball well before positioning it perfectly for Louise McMaster to put it past the keeper.

Rainey continued to pressurise the Annadale defence and following one of many fabulous runs from Catherine Walshe and some great play from Lisa Walls, Jayne Allen had the opportunity to test the keeper.

Jayne calmly dribbled the ball round the keeper and into the back of the net. Zara Bell and Nicole Heaney worked well together during many of Rainey’s attacks. Clare Mulholland sent some magnificent balls into the circle and it was a ball from the midfield line that set up the fourth and final Rainey goal which Lorraine Hyndman pushed into the back of the net.

At the beginning of the second half Rainey’s defence Rosie Taylor, Dawn Mitchell, Catherine Walshe and goal keeper Rebecca Allen held firm and worked together well as always to deny Annadale any chance at goal. Pin point precision from Rosie Taylor was the basis of many attacks on the Annadale goal.

Dawn Mitchell solid in defence as usual cleared many dangerous balls away from the Rainey goal. Annadale broke free towards the end of the match to score a sneaky goal.

Thanks to Lee for umpiring. Player of the match goes to a well-deserved Jenna Bowman.

This leaves Rainey mid table in their league and in good stead for their Cup Final on the 14th April.

Team : Rebecca Allen, Dawn Mitchell, Rosie Taylor, Catherine Walshe, Louise McMaster, Clare Mulholland, Jenna Bowman, Zara Bell, Nicole Heaney, Jayne Allen, Lorraine Hyndman, Lisa Walls.