Meet the Reds to recapture the Kirk Cup


‘Hughsie’ has developed into an outstanding keeper and thoroughly deserved his senior international call up.

On his day he can be an inspiration to the rest of the side. When Cookstown won the premiership title last season Ian was responsible for a lot of the points racked up.

The team like to hear him chatting throughout a game as he can see everything and keeps them right.

He is a darts legend (in his own mind) and would just love to win the Cookstown Hockey Club Darts title - that’s if they ever get a tournament finished. He’s a must to have at parties and his recently released single ‘We scored in the EHL’ is a contender for the Christmas number one spot.


‘Blackie’ has had his injury problems over the years - he unfortunately got injured in the Irish Senior semi-final win and missed out on playing in the final.

He has played for Ireland and should have won many more caps, but could not devote the time needed at that level which is good for the Reds!!

He is brilliant at the left side of defence and can turn defence into attack with his aerials. When he goes forward at pace and cuts inside the space just opens up for him and this usually leads to goal scoring chances. He is also Mr Dependable at penalty strokes.


‘Maverick’ is a living club legend.

He sustained a potentially career-ending injury in Belgium during the European campaign. For him to battle through that year and to regain his rightful place in the team says it all about this guy. A true Red through and through.

On the pitch his battling never-say-die attitude is infectious and he stays positive no matter the situation.

He is brilliant in a man-to-man defender who has even been pushed forward as Cookstown try to press teams.


Ewan is definitely now a senior member of the squad - even though he still tries to get into the young fella’s side at training.

Yet another past successful captain, he is a brilliant reader of a game with his party piece being the ‘nip in’ just as the ball reaches his man.

Ewan is great at going forward and is constantly encouraging everyone during games.

Pressed into service as a goalscoring option this year, he has actually scored a few times this season and has just released his DVD in time entitled ‘Five Great Goals (in 13 seasons)’


‘Bestie’ is good enough to play for Ireland if he had taken the notion to do it.

He is a brilliant tackler and, with pace to burn. he is very rarely beaten. He can read a game well and his distribution is incredible.

He was a member of the Irish Schools winning team in 2007. He can always be relied on to have a decent game.


Matty is a future senior international in the making. He can play anywhere in defence and also helps out in midfield and has a bright hockey playing future ahead of him.

Again, like most of Cookstown’s defenders, he very rarely misses a tackle or gets beaten. Has a good aerial on him and is very dangerous when he goes down our left side and crosses reverse.

He will be in this side for many years to come. Think he also fancies himself as a singer!


‘Thomo’ is Mr Versatile in that he can literally play in any position - even in goal.

He is Cookstown’s most attack-minded defender when playing on the right of our defence. Once he breaks that tackle in midfield the whole right side opens up for him and he has a good eye for a cross.

Thomo has been among the goals and is currently having a good season.


Andy is the heart-beat of this team and when he plays well the whole team hits its peak.

His work rate is phenomenal and is a great example to the rest of the squad where he expects, quite rightly, that every one gives 100% effort.

Andy has deservedly won Player of the Year for the past two seasons. However, like Martin Sloan before him, he really needs to work on his reverse if he wants to achieve anything in the game of hockey!


Stephen is the unsung hero of the side going about his work on the pitch in a quiet but deadly fashion.

He is often given the job of man to man marking the opposition’s danger man which is not always noticed by the supporters, but is a vital job where victory often hinges on how well he can do this.

Make no mistake, he is good at this and more times than enough he completely nullifies this threat which is greatly appreciated by the team.

He will always be among the goals and can unlock any defence with his neat close control.


It has been brilliant to see ‘Toddy’ wearing a Red shirt and he has been a great addition to our squad.

This will be Toddy’s first Kirk Cup final and everyone at the club is delighted for him.

On his day he is a match winner and was always causing Cookstown trouble when he played for Mossley. He very rarely gives the ball away and is hard to dispossess and gives the team that extra punch in midfield.

Expect to see him hit double figures for goals scored by the end of the season.He is, and will further become an integral member of this squad.

Hopefully he can experience that winning feeling on Boxing Day and even cap it with a goal.


Definitely now a senior player who has been a great clubman over the years.

Gareth has a great attitude and always plays to win.

He has come up with some big goals in the past - the league winning goal away at Annadale and, of course, our EHL goal against Amsterdam. He still maintains that this was the best ever EHL goal that Cookstown have scored.

Has been there and done it and has a good hockey brain and can be relied on to put in a hard stint on the pitch. If only Santa would bring him a new pair of trainers to help him stay on his feet...


Great to see Stu back after completing his studies.

On his day this fella can win you a game on his own. He is capable of scoring spectacular goals, is an excellent dribbler with a ferocious reverse strike.

He is an important team member and can be a thorn in the side of any team the Reds play. he has a terrific attitude and plays hard to win.


It is great to see Johnny returning to the squad after his studies in England.

He has really become a good player who can mix it with the best midfielders in Ireland.

He has been amongst the goals this season and has definitely become a better player than his big brother (whatever happened to him?)


‘Pudsey’ is an important member of this team and can be relied upon to put in a hard stint anywhere along the forward line.

A tough competitor who will not back out of a tackle nor let the team down. He is improving and will become an integral squad member over the next few years. He is capable of snatching a few goals during this season.


Greggy is simply a goal scoring machine. He is lightning quick at getting a shot away and really enjoys turning his opponents inside-out with his 3D skills.

He has scored some spectacular goals to date – no one will forget his back to goal effort against Harlequins at home - but that is typical of him.

Great to see him back after his head injury in Cork, expect Greg to get at least 20 goals per season when playing as a forward.

He is captain and his work rate epitomises the effort he puts in both at training and on game days.


Michael Haycock or SIR (as he likes to be called) has been coach for years both at school level and club level.

He is a brilliant motivator and has a good relationship with everyone in the side.

Stephen Cuddy is meticulous in his prep for a game and has played and won trophies with Cookstown. Not afraid to call a spade a rake!