Mid Ulster Athletics Club regognise prize winners

Mid Ulster Athletics Club held their end of season barbeque and presentation of summer prizes in glorious weather recently in the Pavilion, Meadowbank Park.

Sunday, 5th September 2010, 6:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 7th September 2010, 4:56 pm

A large turn out of parents and young people enjoyed the evening festivities. The prizes were presented by Lawrence Hastings, Head of Leisure Services Magherafelt District Council

Lions Club – Under 11 Trophies

Girls Under 7 Years – 5/6 Yrs

1st Georgia Kennedy – 82 Points

2nd Mia McErlain - 69

3rd Megan Hamilton - 68

4th Sophie Stewart - 67

5th Caoimhe McGuckin – 64

6th Ella Shaw - 63

7th Eva Madden - 63

7th = Alana Beattie – 63

9th Abbey Monaghan - 62

10th Eimear Lennox - 57

11th Therse Tohill - 56

12th Caoimhin Tohill - 50

13th Rosie McCloy - 47

13th Dearbhla Quinn - 47

15th Holly McErlain - 37

Girls Under 9 Years – 7/8 Yrs

1st Rachel Tohill – 65 Points

2nd Eimear Tohill - 61

Girls Under 11years – 9/10 Yrs

1st Eve McFarland – 158 Points

2nd Maria McAllister - 124

Boys Under 7 Years – 5/6 Yrs

1st. Callum Campbell – 82 Points

2nd Joshua Cassidy – 75

3rd Cahir Quinn – 71

4th Lorcan Bradley – 63

5th Ronan McGuckin – 60

6th Pierce Callaghan - 59

7th Sean Bently – 58

8th Conor Shivers - 57

8th Vincent O’Brien - 57

10th Peter Clarke - 55

11th Thomas Campbell - 46

Boys Under 9 Years – 7/8 Yrs.

1st Aiden McCloskey – 113 Points

2nd Kacper Dulma 107

3rd Eoghan 99

4th James McCloy - 90

5th Jake Gilmore - 84

6th Grahame Holmes - 82

7th Ryan Lennox – 80

8th Sam Clarke - 77

9th Ryan McGuckin - 76

10th Shay Rea - 75

11th Oisin Quinn - 68

12th Luke McCann - 67

Boys Under 11 Years – 9/10 Yrs

1st Simon McErlain – 206 Points

2nd Peter Tohill – 201

3rd Cianan McCann – 198

4th Darragh Madden – 187

5th Bryn Davies – 178

5th Ben McErlain - 178

7th Daniel Clarke - 175

8th Jonathon McErlain – 166

9th Cathaoir Purvis - 145

10th Rory Bradley - 134

11th Niall Conlon - 131

12th Michael shivers - 106

13th Joe O’Hagan - 78


Boys Under 13

G. F. O’Brien Cup

1st. Conor McCluskey – competed in N.I. Multi Events and finished just outside the medals

2nd .Neal Hastings

3rd. P.J. O’Neill

4th. Cathair McGilligan

Girls Under 13 Years

Angela Dunlop Rose Bowl

Winner - Clodagh Young for her performances in theYoung Athletes’ League

Boys Under 15

Club Trophy

1st. Matthew Totten – Won the bronze medal in the N.I. Pentathlon Championships

2nd. Eoghan Bradley

Girls Under 15.

Tommy McGlone Cup

Winner - Erin Davies – in her short time with the club has shown great promise and has been consistent in her performances

Boys Under 17

Ivor Reynolds Shield

Winner - Odhran Totten – competed in the N.I. Octathlon Championship and although just finishing outside the medals recorded some outstanding performances

Girls Under 17

Barrie Holmes Trophy

Winner - Claire Brownlow who has reliably turned out for the club in the Young Athletes’ League winning valuable points

Barbara Holmes – Long Jump Trophy

Winner - Adam McMullen

Robin Downey – High Jump Cup

Winner Janelle McGurk

N.I./Ulster u20 c/ships – Gold medal

Ulster Schools – Bronze medal

Irish Schools – 5th

Put in some solid performances in the Irish League

Mark Walsh 400m Sprint Cup

This was a close run race between James Lagan and Darryl McKillen but Darryl won a Bronze medal in the N.I./Ulster Championships at 400m and a gold medal in the N.I.Senior 4x400m relay – so Darryl McKillen is the Winner

Forbes Scroll

Goes to Paul McMullen for his two bronze medals he won in the N.I./Ulster Juvenile championships at Hammer and Long Jump

Discus Cup, The JMB Cup

Goes to Andrew Doyle who won the N.I./Ulster u19 championship with 36m75cm a new PB.

Shot Cup, H & A Mechanical Cup

Winner Andrew Doyle

1st Irish juvenile Indoors (P.B. 14m 59cm)

1st Ulster Schools

2nd Irish Schools

1st N.I./Ulster u19 Championships with (P.B.14m56cm)(6kg)

1st Irish Under 20 Championships

1st. N.I. Senior Team Trophy Meeting

Javelin Cup, N & M Bannister Cup

Winner - Matthew Doyle for his performance in the N.I. Senior Team Trophy Meeting

Hammer Cup, The Peters Trophy

Winner Andrew Doyle

4th Halle, Germany u20 International for Ireland

1st Ulster Schools Championships – (56m 23cm New Ulster Schools Record)

4th Irish Schools Championships

1st N.I./Ulster Championships

2nd Irish under 20 Championships– 59m 37cm (P.B.)

1st N.I. Senior Team Trophy Meeting

Endeavour Shield.

Winner Donavan McKillen who has been out of athletics for a number of years. He was previously an Irish champion at long Jump and silver medallist at 800m. He has now made a fairly good comeback to the long jump and sprinting and helps with the coaching of the junior group on a Tuesday night.

Hurdles Cup – Club Trophy

The winner James Lagan who put in two really gusty performances this season over the man killer distance of 400m

New Sprinter On The Block

Winner - Odhran Totten – produced a number of outstanding performances this season most notably the final leg in the N.I.Young Athletes League Final 4x400m relay which the club won due to his dogged determination.

Senior Ladies Road Running.

Louise O’Kane Cup

Re-designated 2004 as ‘Female Middle Distance Athlete’ over 800/1500/3000m

Winner - Shannon Leonard has put in some good performances this season and is following in the footsteps of her older sister.

Northern Constitution Cup

Re-designated 2010 as ‘Male Middle Distance Athlete’ over 800/1500/3000m

Winner - Ben McLaughlin for his P.B.of 3mins 30.30secs 1500m run in the N.I./ Ulster Championships

Hammer Competition – (Anne Donnelly Trophies)

Boys Under 9 Years – 125g

1st Grahame Holmes – 24m 30cm

Boys Under 11 Years – 2kg

1st Rory Bradley – 12m 96cm

2nd Cathaoir Purvis – 11m 92cm

Boys Under 13 Years – 2kg

1st Cairain Burns – 39m 42cm

2nd Neal Hastings – 24m 79cm

3rd P.J. O’Neill – 19m 59cm

4th Travis Hamilton – 18m 86cm

5th Niall Conlon - 16m 80cm

Girls Under 13 Years – 2kg

1st Claire Holmes – 24m 49cm

2nd Shannon Kirkpatrick – 22m 46cm

3rd Roseanna Mullan – 14m 18cm

4th Clodagh Young – 13m 27cm

Girls Under 15 Years – 3kg

1st Cathy Holmes – 19m 10cm

2nd Terri Simpson – 18m 88cm

Girls Under 17 Years – 3kg

1st Claire Brownlow – 25m 56cm

Most Improved Male Athlete - Paddy Downey Trophy

A young athlete who is not yet the age for open competition in his chosen discipline but has been steadily working away at his event and putting in some terrific performances in the Training/Competition sessions run by the club and that athlete is Ciairan Burns. His P.B. with the 2kg hammer is 39m 42cm

Most Improved Female Athlete - Joe Heaney Trophy

Again the winner of this trophy comes from the hammer group and is a shy and unassuming young lady and if she puts her mind to it and decides to train then we could have a future champion on our hands. Winner: Claire Holmes. Her P.B. with the 2kg hammer is 24m 49cm

Most Promising Male Athlete - The Glenview Trophies Trophy.

This young athlete has shown from time to time what his real potential could be and we look forward to seeing how he develops over the next twelve months. The winner: Ben McLaughlin

Most Promising Female Athlete - Tommy McGlone Cup

In the short time this young lady has been with the club she has shown great promise at high jump and with her long legs the hurdles. It will be interesting to watch her athletic development over the next few years. The winner: Erin Davies

The Most Outstanding Male Athlete - The Dessie Rankin Trophy

Winner - Adam McMullan – Long Jump –

1st. N.I./Ulster Senior Championship 7m 33cm;

1st. N.I. Senior Team Trophy 7m 24cm;

1st. Irish u23 Championship 7m37cm;

Inter Counties Senior Championships, Bedford 7m 33cm

Super 8 Competition Glasgow 7m 39cm. (P.B.)

1st N.I. Senior Decathlon Championship

The Most Outstanding Female Athlete - The Glenview Trophies Trophy

Winner - Maggi Donnelly – Hammer

N.I./Ulster Senior Champion 2nd. 47m 74cm(PB)

Irish u23 Championship 1st.

In the Final of the Irish League she broke her own personal best on four of her six throws and won the competition

The Sidney Irvine Veteran Athlete Cup

Winner - Patsy Forbes – Club President

1st Irish Masters Championship100m (m65)

1st Irish Masters Championship 200m (M65)

2nd British Masters 100m (M65) 14.04secs

3rd British Masters 200m (M65) 29.09secs

European Masters Championships – Budapest 100m (M65)

European Masters Championships – Budapest 200m (M65)

Special Award – For Good Team Spirt - The Dessie Rankin Cup

Winner - Paul Leslie who at the drop of the hat stepped in to help the Senior Team to a magnificent second place finish in the Northern Ireland Senior Team Trophy competition

Special Achievement Award

Winner - Thomas Johnston – Representing his ‘Base’ in the Health Trusts N.I. wide sports day in Carrickfergus won the 50m convincingly. An excellent trainer who gives it 100%

Winner - Gemma Kirkpatrick – Representing Ulster in the Irish Special Olympics in Limerick won the Gold Medal in the 50m and the Silver Medal in the Standing Long Jump. A very pleasant young lady who is always smiling

We always like to recognise our N.I./Ulster Championship Medal winners and away back on the 29 May Aiden McCloskey running in the under 9 years ran an outstanding 300m race to win the bronze medal in Shercock, Cavan in terrible weather conditions in 59.08secs

Special Award – Ulster Schools Record

Winner - Andrew Doyle in winning the Ulster Schools 6kg Hammer Championships also set an Ulster schools record of 56m 23cm

International Honours

Andrew Doyle – Represented Ireland in the Hammer in Halle, Germany

Adam McMullen – Represented Northern Ireland in the Inter Counties Championships in Bedford and again in Glasgow in the ‘Super 8’ series but the peculiar way this competition works he was also representing Cardiff!

Gemma Kirkpatrick – Represented Ulster in the Irish Special Olympics in Limerick

Sponsored Runathon Draw

Draw for (2) individuals collecting 50 or more. Total Raised by Club - 1837.01 (10 people raised 50 or more). Winners: Conor McCluskey and Cathaoir Purvis

Championships Medals Won During Season

In Ulster Schools competition, N.I./Ulster and Irish championship competition this past summer the club has won the following medals:

Gold: 29; Silver: 8; Bronze: 10. Total = 47 championship medals, an incredible achievement