Archers aiming for Loughry

The Northern Ireland Field Archery Association (NIFAA), which appears to be the fastest growing region of the International Field Archery Association, are hosting their first Combined Field/3D Archery Championship event in partnership with the Take a Bow Archery Club at Loughry College.

The event will take place on July 27/28 and will cater for up to 100 archers from across Ireland and the UK.

The field paper target stage will take place on the Saturday followed by 3D targets (life size foam animals - the thrill of the hunt without causing injury or death to any animal) on Sunday.

Both courses have been set to international standard and offer the archer a very challenging two days competition.

IFAA archery has only just been re-established in Northern Ireland at the request of many archers following years of being restricted to only one style of field archery.

This exciting style allows all archers the opportunity to represent Northern Ireland at all levels and abilities worldwide, and offers a variety of targets to help the archer develop in their chosen sport.

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