Brackaville keep 100% record intact


Some exciting fixtures on show this week as there’s a top of the clash between the Central A v Brackaville. Also third and fourth played each other as well this week to as they tried to catch up on the leaders.

Match of the week

With some great fixtures on show this week it was hard to pick the main event of the weekend; however in the end it was the battle for third place between Daly’s A v Ceili House. This was lined up to be a close encounter with both teams in good form.

Daly’s A 1 Ceili House 3

Singles: Sean McGurgan (5x100,140) 2-3 Mark Brady (2x100,123,2x130+,2x140) 18 dart leg 126 C/O; Pat McGurgan (4x100,140) 3-1 Niall McCaul (2x100); Luke McBride (4x100,3x120+,2x140) 18 dart leg 3-2 Gary Cullen (3x100,2x120+,140,180) 129 c/o; Emmett McGurgan (5x100,121,140) 17 dart leg 2-3 Sandy Hughes (10x100,140) 19 dart leg; Ryan McKenna (3x100,3x120+,140) 3-2 Brian O’Hagan (6x100,180) 18 dart leg; Liam Donnelly (114,121,144) 1-3 Randy Hill (100)

Doubles: D.Hamilton/E.McGurgan 0-2 G.Cullen/R.Hill; R.McKenna/L.McBride 2-1 N.McCaul/S.Hughes; S.McGurgan/Thomas 0-2 M.Brady/B.O’Hagan. Doubles score: Daly’s 1-2 Ceili House

With both teams producing a great display of darts there was very little to separate them. The Ceili House pick up the vital win to close the gap on Daly’s in the league.

Central A 1-3 Brackaville

This was a top of the table clash as Brackaville pulled of a great win to keep their unbeaten record and make it 6 out of 6 and as also end the Central’s 100% record to put them into first place in the league.

(No scorecard was handed in for this match. The Central will receive a strike)

McCausland’s A 2-2 Clonoe A

This was a bottom of the table clash as McCausland’s battle to get off the bottom of the league table. Clonoe were out to increase the gap between the two teams, however the match ends in a stalemate and McCausland’s remain at the foot of the table.

(No scorecard handed in for this match, McCausland’s will receive a strike)


Central A v Daly’s A

Ceili House v Clonoe A

McCausland’s A v Quinn’s A

Brackaville v BYE


This league this more and more exciting as the week go on with just a point separating the top four teams of Quinn’s, Daly’s, Derrytresk and Fall’s there was no room for error. Who could take advantage this week and claim the top spot?

O’Neill’s B 0-4 Quinn’s B

O’Neill’s B was the hosts as they tried to put a dent in Quinn’s title hopes. Quinn’s currently tied in third and 1 point of the top could afford to slip up on their travels and continue their unbeaten start to their debut league season.

There was no slip ups as the away side quickly took the match by scruff of the neck with a dominate display in the singles. Quinn’s took the lead in the match with Micheal Curran (2x100,180) checking out 110 on his way to a 2-0 win. The lead was extended with Kieran Morgan (100) picking up a 2-0 in the second game. Quinn’s then guaranteed themselves at least a point in the singles with Patrick Loughran winning 2-0 in the third game, before Niall Donaghy (120,180) won 2-0 in the fourth game to wrap up the singles win for Quinn’s. The away didn’t stop there however as Declan Curran (100,125) checked out 140 in the fifth game on his way to a 2-0 win and Martin Donaghy won 2-0 in game six to complete a whitewash in the singles for Quinn’s.

Into the Doubles and it was all Quinn’s again at the start with D.Curran/M.Donaghy narrowly winning 2-1 in the first game. O’Neill’s B did get a reward for their efforts as M.Hughes/D.Hughes (138) took the second game 2-1 to set up a close finish. However in the it was the away to won it with N.Donaghy/M.Curran winning 2-1 in the final game of doubles to win the match for Quinn’s. That win could put Quinn’s to the top of the table.

Fall’s 2-2 O’Neill’s A

O’Neill’s A made took the trip to Fall’s in search for some form as they search to improve on the draw from last week and pick up their second win of the season. Fall’s in form at the moment still unbeaten in the league and only a point from the top needed to make home advantage count.

Well it was the away side that things up and running with Paul Donaghy scrapping through to take a 2-1 win in the first game. O’Neill’s then extended that lead with Raymie McKee (2x100) winning 2-1 in the second game. The home side were fighting back with Paul Burns hitting 162,147 to set up a chance of a 15 dart leg in third game, however it was not to be as Aidan Donaghy creeped in to win the third game 2-1 for O’Neill’s. The away side then secured the singles points with Dominic Shields winning 2-0 in the fourth game. The final two singles games were not played and will go down as home wins.

Into the doubles and the momentum was going in O’Neill’s favour as R.McKee/D.Shields won the first game 2-0. With this match starting to look very one sided Fall’s fought back with R.Devlin/C.Kennedy as they checked out 95 on their way to a 2-0 win in the second game of doubles. So the doubles came down to the last game and it was the partnership of S.Hagan/C.O’Hagan that won it 2-0 for Fall’s to win them the doubles and to tie the match.

Derrytresk 2-2 McCausland’s B

This looked a miss-match on paper as Derrytresk currently joint top of the league played host to new boys McCausland’s B who were still searching for that elusive first league win.

The away side started things off as Charlie Montague (120,128,129) picked up a 2-1 win in the first game. Derrytresk hit back straight away with Eamon Conlon (2x100) winning 2-0 in the second game. The home side then took the lead in the singles with Brian Fitzgearld taking a 2-0 win in game three. The singles were then tied again as David Kovar picked up a 2-0 win of McCausland’s. The away side then took the lead with Tony McCaughey winning 2-0 in fifth game, before Sean Quinn won 2-1 in the final game to give McCausland’s the singles win.

It didn’t take long for Derrytresk to response as B.Fitzgearld/A.Quinn picked up a 2-0 win in the first game of doubles. The lead didn’t last long before D.Kovar/B.Loughran won 2-0 in the second game of doubles to set-up a nail-biting end to this match. The final game went down the final leg as E.Conlon/T.O’Hagan hit the double to pick up a 2-1 win for Derrytresk and to tie the overall match.

Clonoe B 2-2 Daly’s B

The other joint leaders of the league Daly’s B took the long trip away as the searched to come home with the points to keep them on top of the league. Clonoe B with three draws in five games were hoping to improve on that and pick up their first win of the season.

The home advantage took effect early as sparky (105,120) picked up a 2-0 for Clonoe in the first game. Daly’s quickly hit back with Geoff Gillis (2x100) winning 2-1 in second game. Clonoe took the lead in the singles again as Aidy Taggart (100,117) wins 2-1 in the third game. After that the leaders started to show their form as Audi Waugh (100) wins 2-0 to tie the singles again, Dereck McGuragan picked up a 2-0 win in the next game to Daly’s the lead, before Micky Cartmill (2x100) won 2-1 in the final game of the singles to win the singles for Daly’s.

Both teams were fighting hard to get something from this match and it was Clonoe who came out on top in the doubles with A.Taggart/P.Coney,Sparky/P.j.Lavery and R.Coary/D.Doris all winning 2-1 to win the doubles and tie the match overall and give Clonoe their fourth draw in six games. A draw for Daly’s could move them of the top spot and they will look to bounce back next week.

Central B 0-4 Central C

An in house derby took place this past week as the Central B met Central C. Both teams with bags of experience, as they both looked to pick up a vital win to start their move up the table.

So as the match gets underway it was the Central B that drew first blood with Brian Hamill (2x100) winning 2-0 in first game before they increased the lead with Gary Scullion(2x100) also winning 2-0 in the second game. That seemed to fire up the Central C as their experienced started to show with Kevin Morgan (119) winning 2-1 to pull a game back. The Central C had then tied the singles with Patrick Doris (2x100) picking up a 2-0 win in the fourth. The C team then took the lead in the singles with Joe O’Neill picking up a 2-1 win before Pat McElhatton secured the singles points with a 2-1 win in the final singles game.

Into the doubles and the Central C kept the ball rolling and won their five game in a row as J.O’Neill/H.Dorman pick up a 2-0 in the first game of doubles. The Central B fought back with M.Russell/S.Hamill winning 2-1 in the second game to tie the doubles. So down to the last game with the doubles points still on the line and the was the duo of M.Dossantos/P.Doris that won it 2-1 for the Central C to give them the overall match win.


Clonoe B v O’Neill’s A

Central C v Fall’s

Quinn’s B v Central B

O’Neill’s B v McCausland’s B

Daly’s B v Derrytresk

The first competition of the league season the 3a-sides will take place on Friday November 16th. There is a meeting this Thursday 8th in O’Neill’s Bar at 8:30pm to name the venue and make the draw for the competition. We ask that all teams enter a team into the 3a-sides and support the league. If not it will count against you in the future for hosting any other league tournaments or play-off matches.

If anyone would like to sponsor the 3a-sides tournament please contact any of the bar associated with the league.

Dates for League 2012/13 Season

3 A-Sides: 16 November 2012

Doubles: 18 January 2013

Singles: 15 Febuary 2013

Christmas break: Last game night on 14 December 2012 (week 11)

A-League resumes: 4 January 2013

B-League resumes: 11 January 2013

Bottom section Quarter-Finals: 8 March 2013

Section Semi-Final’s: 15 March 2013

Final’s Night: 22 March 2013

It is important that each team enters at least one team for each competition. If your team supports the league and the competitions then your venue will be considered to host one of the competitions or a play-off match.