Castledawson gymkhana a great success

JUDGES at the latest gymkhana held by the Mid Ulster Showjumpers at Hillhead Road, Castledawson,were Isobel Mawhinney, Sam McMaster and Hugh Nicholl.

Thanks is offered to them, the land owner, Mr Hugh NIcholl,and all who took part. On this occasion, there were some new enthusiasts welcomed on what was an excellent day for the event. Results here concluded as; Pony games – 1st, Athena Bruce (Shadow); 2nd, Luke Cunningham (Whizzy) ; 3rd,Ellen Bates (Molly). Junior Jumping – 1st,Katelyn Irvine ( Pedro) ; 2nd,Kieran McFetridge ( Molly). Fledglings – Athena Bruce (Shadow); Luke Cunningham ( Whizzer) ;Kerina Crossett ( Jamie Lad) ;Joel O’Neill (Coco); and,Ellen Bates (Molly).

Pony Warm Up – 1st (drawn for);Katelyn Irvine (Pedro); also clear – Rhiannon Loughran (Blazing Glory) ;Holly Coster (Dodger); Athena Bruce (Shadow); Aimie Fleming (Lady) ;Catriona Marshall (Pippa); Luke Cunningham (Whizzer) and, Ellen Bates (Molly). 12.2 Novice – 1st,Catriona Marshall (Pippa) ; 2nd,Ross McCullough (Storm); 3rd,Rhiannon Loughran (Blazing Glory). 12.2 Open – 1st,Kerina Crossett (Jamie Lad); 2nd,Ross McCullough ( Storm). 13.2 Novice – 1st,Ross McCullough (Sapphire); 2nd,Kirsten Thom (Kofie); 3rd,Catriona Marshall ( Pippa). 13.2 Open – 1st,Kirsten Thom (Kofie).

Horses – Warm Up (drawn for); Angie Thompson (Brandy); also clear, Bertha Rea (Fair Exchange); Linzie McCallie (Beaumont Morning Sunrise); and, Patsy Morrough (Simon). 60 cms – 1st, Rosemary Moffett (The Jarvey); 2nd, Angie Thompson (Brandy); 3rd, Linzie McCallie (Beaumont Morning Sunrise). 70cms – 1st, Linzi McCallie (Beaumont Morning Sunrise); 2nd,Michaela Carlin ( Scorpio); 3rd,Michaela Carlin (Marillion). 85cms – 1st, Michaela Carlin (Scorpio); 2nd,Eugene Diamond ( Hero) and, Katherine Cameron (Shortcut); 3rd, Nicole Cameron (Tanner). 90cms – 1st, Eugene Diamond (Hero); 2nd, Victoria Lagan (Bandit); 3rd,Seamus Lagan (Jackson). Next competition takes place on Saturday May 5.