Central win hat trick of wins in three-a-side competition


This week saw the first competition of the season - the 3-a-sides - take place in Quinn’s Corner.

There were 17 teams in total that entered the competition this year. The format was three single games best of 5, if the score is 2-1 then a doubles game one leg of 701 and its a 2-2 draw after that then the match would go down to a 3 man team one leg 1001.

Terry Jenkins

Terry Jenkins

This competition is mixed so teams from the A and B leagues could play against one another.

The Central were going for a hat-trick in this competition with Brackaville out to cliam the only trophy that they failed to pick up last year.


Quinn’s B 3-1 Ceili House A

Quinn’s C 0-3 Central A

Brackaville A 3-1 Quinn’s D

Daly’s B 1-3 Ceili House B


Quinn’s B v Central A


G.Wilson (15 dart leg) 3-2 I.McWilliams

G.McKeown 3-1 N.Loughran

J.Wilson 1-3 B.McCann


G.Wilson/G.Mckeown 0-1 I.McWilliams/B.McCann

Sudden Death

Central A 1-0 Quinn’s B

Overall score: Central A 3-2 Quinn’s B


Brackaville A v Ceili House B


D.Gillis 3-1 B.O’Hagan

R.McMahon 1-3 R.Hill

F.McNamee (16 dart leg) 3-1 S.Hughes


D.Gillis/F.McNamee 1-0 R.Hill/S.Hughes

Overall Score: Brackaville A 3-1 Ceili House B


Central A v Brackaville A

So the it came down to 3 man teams from the top two teams in the A-League. Could the Central retain thier crown or coild Brackaville finally lift the only trophy have yet to win in the league.


Geoff Wilson (4x100,120,2x122) 3-0 Declan Gillis (3x100,140)

Gar McKeown (2x100,125,134,150 checkout) 3-2 Ronan McMahon (100)

John Wilson (5x100,115) 2-3 Francie McNamee (4x100,2x140)


The match went into the doubles with the Central having the 2-1 advantage, Brackaville need to win here to bring the match to sudden death.

Sudden Death

G.Wilson/G.McKeown (3x100,140) 1-0 F.McNamee/D.Gillis (2x100,2x140)

Match Score: Central A 3-1 Brackaville A

So after a long night of darts the Central team came out on top in what was a great final. That makes it three in a row for the Central and Geoff Wilson in this competiton. Brackaville again put in a great proformance to get the final and just couldn’t get over the finsh line.



Daly’s A v Brackaville A

Clonoe A v Central A

Ceili House v Quinn’s A

McCausland’s v BYE


O’Neill’s A v Daly’s B

Central C v Clonoe B

Fall’s v Quinn’s B

McCausland’s B v Central B

Derrytresk v O’Neill’s B

The torrent darts league would to pass on thier sypathies to league treasurer Eugene Scullion on the recent passing of his sister.

Quinn’s Corner would like to announce that PDC professional Terry ‘the Bull’ Jenkins will be appearing at the bar on Sunday 9th December.

If any League player would like to play against him please get in touch with Noel Loughran for a sponser form. If not why not come along and watch a great exbition of darts.