Champions win as indoor bowling returns

Mid-Ulster bowlers are back in action for the indoor season and the opening fixtures have been completed with defending champions Parochial A getting off to a winning start over Kildress.

D McElroy’s rink had two wins over N Barnes, while Paddy Hanlon and C McHugh won one game over T Turkington and T Jeffers respectively.

St Joseph’s strengthened this season and should push the top two teams also got a winning start against Tamlaght.

D Grimes had two convincing wins over S Jeffers, while P J McCrossan dropped half a point against G Booth with I McAleese picking up Tamlaght’s points against D McStravock.

Lafarge have had a poor home record against Maghera Pres in recent game but managed to pick up a win this time.

S Kyne won both games against Robin Clark while J Martin won 1 game against G Wilson and B McAlary dropped half a point against K McCulloch.

In Section 2, RBL made a good start with a surprising win at Ballinderry Parochial.

Lisnagleer, who lost their opening fixture at 1st Magherafelt, had a close win over Sixmiletown winning only two games but gaining the overall.

Molesworth inflicted a second defeat on St Johns.

Results: Cookstown Par A 55(9) Kildress 42(2); St Joseph’s 59(2.5) Tamlaght 39(2.5); Lafarge 49(9.5) Magh Pres 34(1.5); Lisnagleer 45(4) Sixmiletown 35(7); Molesworth 63(10) St John’s 30(1); Sixmiletown 48(9) St John’s 34(2); Ballinderry Par 38(2.5) RBL 44(8.5).

Inter Zone- Mid Ulster travel to play Oriel in a friendly on Saturday leaving the old Tesco Car Park at 11am. Dress will be as usual for zone games.

The men’s panel is; C McHugh, L McHugh, D McElroy, A Ward, D McAllister, J Donnell, A Bradley, S Davidson, D Davidson, J McKay, G Smith, C Hogg, W Lennox, C McKnight, A Paul, C Hill, D McStravock, T Johnston, A Spratt, G Wilson, R Clark, G Henry, S Kyne, G Merron.

The ladies panel is; T McKenna, G Simms, K McKenna, M Lagan, A McEldowney, M Martin, E Paul, B Davidson, M Davidson, D McHugh, D Young, O Kyle, B Kelly, H Greer, E Wilson, R Patterson, M McIvor, A McAteer, J Pitts, A Mawhinney, M Cushnahan.