Cookstown Harp Darts


Section One

Belfast House 4 Cartwheel 4

High Scores: T. McHugh (2X100, 140), W. Harrington (100), M. Donnelly (2X100), D. Loughran (128, 132, 119), N. Fuller (110 Finish), M. Owens (101), J. Martin (125).

Thatch C 3 Thatch B

High Scores: R. Higgins (100), B. McElhone (140), B. Martin (2X100), D. O’Neill (100), O. Coyle Jr (2X100, 100 Finish), T. McCord (3X100, 125), S. Morgan (125, 100, 78 Finish).

RBL A 4 Quinn’s Bar 4

High Scores: R. Mullan (3X100, 125), R. Glendining (3X100, 2X140), D. Kelly (2X100, 140), R. Jordan (121, 122, 2X100), P. Harpur (3X100), A. Carney (3X100), J. Carney Jr (2X100), P. Sweeney (4X100, 121, 2X140, 2X17 Darts), K. Pearson (3X100, 2X140, 125, 180), Jim Carney (7X100, 2X17 Darts), O. Murphy (2X100, 125, 140), G. Quinn (3X100, 125), J. McSloy (121)

Arrows 8 Bar Doe B 0

Bar Doe failed to field a team. They have now have one warning against them for no team on night.

Section Two

Roberta’s 5 Gables 3.

High Scores: P. Quinn (140, 121, 18 Darts), F. Glackin (100), P. Mccaffrey (2X100), J. Canavan (100), D. Quinn (2X100, 140), B. Stewart (132, 100, 140 92 Finish), N. Mallon (100).

Thatch A 7 RBL B 1

High Scores: R. Buchanan (2X100), J. Crawford (2X100), A. Rocks (2X125, 140, 100, 150 Finish), J. Devlin (3X100, 137, 140), S. Pearson (4X100, 140, 180), N. Mcgrail (5X100, 2X123, 180), D. Mcdonald (3X100, 2X140, 121, 180), L. Givens (2X100), J. Symes (125), D. Givens (105), I. Graham (5X100), T. Givens (4X100, 2X140)

The game between Bar Doe C and Dunleath A was not played as Bar Doe had no team. Bar Doe C has now withdrawn for the rest of the darts season. Any game against Bar Doe C will now be a bye


This Friday December 14 will be the last league games before we breaking up for Christmas. Darts will resume on January 11.

the qualifiers for the NI Masters will be on friday January 4.

We would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Section One

Thatch B v Arrows

Bar Doe B v Thatch C

Quinn’s v Belfast House

Cartwheel v RBL A

Section Two

Dunleath A v Thatch A

RBL B v Gables

Central Inn - Bye

Roberta’s - Bye.

There will be a darts competition on Saturday December 15 in the Dunleath Bar, Cookstown. Registration is from 3.30pm with games starting at 4.30pm. Entry is £5, prize fund all entry fee £250. Everyone welcome.