Cookstown Harp Darts League



Arrows 7 Cartwheel 1

Thatch B 2 Belfast House 6

High scores: Thatch B - T. McCord (3x100,140), O. Coyle Jr (138); Belfast House - R. Dobson (125)

Thatch C 3 Quinn’s 5

High Scores: Quinn’s - p. Sweeney (180, 2x140, 14 darts)

Bar Doe 1 RBL A 7


Roberta’s 2 Dunleath A 6

Central Inn 0 Thatch A 8

High scores: Central Inn - J. Monaghan (116, 120, 140), C. Ross (2x140, 100); C. McAnespie (115); K. Mc Guigan (120, 140, 134); Thatch A - P. Toner (5x100, 2x140, 128, 105, 16 darts); A. Rocks (2x100, 140, 125, 135); J. Devlin (2x140, 100, 105); D. McDonald (4x100, 140); J. Crawford (180); S. Pearson (180, 6x100); R. Buchannon (4x100, 140, 125, 123, 16 darts); N. McGrail (2x140, 2x100, 121, 125)

Legion B 7 Bar Doe 1

Gables 8 Millwheel 0

(Millwheel failed to turn up)



Belfast House v Arrow’s

Quinn’s v Thatch B

RBL A v Thatch C

Cartwheel v Bar Doe B


Dunleath A v Central Inn

Thatch A v Gables

Millwheel v Legion B

Bar Doe C v Roberta’s.

Make sure all score sheets are returned to the Thatch Bar by the following Sunday.

Qualifier for NI Individuals takes place this Saturday, November 3 in the Dunleath Bar at 7.30pm.

The following players are asked to attend: Collie Quinn, Steven Bradley, Rodney Greer, Philip Atkinson, Gary Quinn, Conor Daly, Anthony Robinson, Gerard Grimes, Paddy Toner, Declan McDonald, Shane Pearson, Niall McGrail and Joe Devlin.

Grand finals to be played on January 19.