Cookstown Harp Darts League

This Friday November 30 will be the semi-finals and finals of the individuals.

The draw will take place on the night while venues and names are as follows:


At Dunleath Bar

A. Rocks (Thatch A), G. Grimes (Dunleath A), J. Devlin (Thatch A), D. Mcdonald (Thatch A), R. Jordan (Rbl A), C. Potter (Dunleath A), C. Scullion (Arrows), R. Greer (Arrows), P. Atkinson (Arrows), R. Devlin (Dunleath A), G. Quinn (Quinn’s Bar), P. Harpur (Rbl A), K. O’neill (Arrows), E. Quinn (Arrows), S. Bradley (Arrows), B. Connolly (Dunleath A).

The Premier Section games will be the best of 5x501 and finals will be 7x501.


At Thatch Bar

P. Quinn (Roberta’s), B. McSloy (Belfast House), R. Higgins (Thatch C), B. McElhone (Thatch C), T. McHugh (Belfast House), O. Coyle Jr (Thatch B), D. Quinn (Roberta’s), E. Connolly (Thatch C)

The Section 1 and 2 games will be the best of 3x501 and finals will be 5x501.

All venues that had darts for the 1st round of individuals were asked to sell tickets. As none were sold in the venue at the RBL the committee has imposed a fine of £20 on them.


There will be a darts competition on Saturday 15th December in the Dunleath Bar in Cookstown.

Registration will be from 3.30pm with games starting at 4.30pm while there is an entry fee of £5. There will bea prize fund all entry fee + £250. Everyone welcome.