Cookstown HPS

THERE is no stopping the high flying partnership of Glenn and Stan Smith as they tighten their grip on the Section A Fancier of the Year Award 2012.

In yet another stunning performance they won both club races from Roscarberry and Roscrea producing a fantastic result in both Open Races taking 2nd Section A 4th Open Roscarberry and 1st Section A 5th Open Roscrea.

The in form Castle Lofts of Joe McCormick produced another incredible performance both at club level and Open level.

These two lofts have not been out of the top 10 in the seven races to date. Seven members of Cookstown Social sent 77 pigeons to Roscarberry and 153 pigeons to Roscrea. The birds were liberated into an east –southeast wind and broken sunshine and once again all lofts had good returns.


1st G & S Smith 1564 ypm

2nd G & S Smith 1526 ypm

3rd J McCormick 1512 ypm

4th G & S Smith 1504 ypm

5th V Thom 1491 ypm

6th J McCormick 1477 ypm

7th G & S Smith 1473 ypm

8th G & S Smith 1462 ypm

9th G & S Smith 1446 ypm

10th G Marshall 1439 ypm

This week’s race is from Fermoy and all lofts will be trying hard to upset the apple cart.


1st G & S Smith 1616 ypm

2nd J McCormick 1587 ypm

3rd J McCormick 1586 ypm

4th G & S Smith 1584 ypm

5th G & S Smith 1571 ypm

6th G & S Smith 1557 ypm

7th G & S Smith 1557 ypm

8th G & S Smith 1556 ypm

9th G & S Smith 1555 ypm

10th J McCormick 1555ypm