Cookstown HPS

THE past week has seen virtually non stop racing for the members of Cookstown Social HPS with four races being flown in that time.

After two races without being in pole position, Glenn and Stan Smith returned to the podium in style winning all four of last weeks races while being hotly pursued by the Steeple Lofts of Stephen Marshall. Many other Cookstown lofts made the result which made for very interesting results in every race.

Roscarberry YC

1st G & S Smith 1186 ypm

2nd S Marshall 1148 ypm

3rd G & S Smith 1124 ypm

4th S Marshall 1002 ypm

5th V Thom 994 ypm

Roscarberry YH

1st G & S Smith 1210 ypm

2nd S Marshall 1167 ypm

3rd S Marshall 1126 ypm

4th S Marshall 1118 ypm

5th G Marshall 1118 ypm

6th V Thom 1102 ypm

7th S Marshall 1077 ypm

8th V Thom 1010 ypm

9th G & S Smith 1004 ypm

10th G & S Smith 1002 ypm


1st G & S Smith 1288 ypm

2nd G & S Smith 1286 ypm

3rd V Thom 1245 ypm

4th Spiers & Campbell 1238 ypm

5th G & S Smith 1223 ypm

6th V Thom 1144 ypm

7th K Morton & Son 1143 ypm

8th V Thom 1140 ypm

9th K Morton & Son 1133 ypm

10th V Thom 1130 ypm


1st G & S Smith 1363 ypm

2nd S Marshall 1362 ypm

3rd J McCormick 1358 ypm

4th J McCormick 1357 ypm

5th J McCormick 1352 ypm

6th V Thom 1351 ypm

7th J McCormick 1348 ypm

8th S Marshall 1339 ypm

9th S Marshall 1337 ypm

10th J McCormick 1330ypm

This week the pigeons will be in Bude for the third channel race of the season and Fermoy for the 5 bird champ