Cookstown swimmers round off season in Ballymena

COOKSTOWN PTL swimmers travelled to Ballymena for the last gala of the season.

With four wins each in the medley relays and four of the races going down to the touch, this would be a benchmark for an exciting gala.

Ballymena opened up a slender two point lead in the backcrawl with fine wins for Cookstown from Thomas Heenan, Conan Bradley, Aoife Hutchinson and Francis McElhatton. There were also good performances from Bronagh Cush and Ryan Murphy.

Cookstown fared better in the breast stroke with wins from Matthew McNeil, Rebecca Lindsay, Ronan Donnelly and Jade Hunter. Good performances came from Hannah Slane and Ryan Rocks, turning a two point deficit into a two point lead.

The two sides could not be separated in the butterfly with a lot of very competitive faces going down to the touch with Hutchinson and Gallen chalking up wins. There was also important one twos for the B Boys with Jack Haycock and Ryan Murphy, C Boys Conan Bradley and Tiernan McCloy and quality swims from Ciara Malcolm, Odhran Bradley and Niall McCarney.

Cookstown notched up 12 PBs in the front crawl. Impressive performances from Emer McCormick, Sarah McNeill, Hannah Barnes, Lisa McGuigan and Peter Brown leaving the scores all square.

Cookstown stepped up to the mark in the individual medley with McNeil and Gallen leading the way with an impressive one two. Conan Bradley and Tiernan McCloy also had an impressive win and Hutchinson and McGuigan ensure maximum points for their team.

Not to be outdone, the D boys, McElhatton and McGurk took the fourth spot and gave Cookstown a six point lead ahead of the front crawl relay.

The Cookstown team worked really hard as they won six out of the eight races leaving them 583 to 561 winners.