Darren captures another British power record

Great Lifting from 20 year old Max McGovern with only his second time competing with 110kg bench and a massive 225kg deadlift at a bodyweight of 77.4kg.

Up next was first timer 20 year old Seamus Diamond with a great 105kg squat, 100kg bench and another massive 205kgs deadlift at only 72.8kg bodyweight.

Last but definitely not least was Darren McKeown who squated a massive 192.5kgs and a massive 137.5kg bench and an unbelievable 270kg deadlift, Darran also pulled at 280kg deadlift but failed on a hitch, this coming from a guy that’s only 20 years of age weighing in at 91.9kgs, unbelievable raw power.

Darran is now a British recordholder for his deadlift and bench and a ni recordholder for his squat, bench, deadlift and the ni and british recordholder for the overall total at 600kgs.