Athletes Conan McGerr, Seorlaith O'Hagan and Sammy Jo Sweeney present the Mary Magee Memorial Trophy 2012
Athletes Conan McGerr, Seorlaith O'Hagan and Sammy Jo Sweeney present the Mary Magee Memorial Trophy 2012

The Eagles Special Olympics Club took their first session at the Gortgonis Sports Complex on Thursday last and again it was a big turnout of athletes.

The training sessions will need to increase and improve over the next two weeks as they team knuckle down for competition on September 22.

New surroundings and the wide open spaces lead to a disjointed session and the athletes lack of concentration meant this was a poor session but every cloud has a silver lining and the clubs coach and volunteers learned a few valuable lessons. This week the club will again train at Gortgonis and it will be better planned and delivered.

All athletes and volunteers are asked to be on time and dressed accordingly, allowing the evenings get quite cold.

All new volunteers are welcome however the club are reaching a maximum amount of athletes and at the moment are becoming a little stretched.

Training is Thursday 6th September at Gortgonis Sports Complex 7-9pm.

Eagles were also very much involved in the Mary Magee Annual Memorial Darts Competition which was held on Saturday last.

Organisers Stephen Magee, Raymond McKee and Shane Devlin had made Eagles their chosen charity or cause for this years competition and athletes Conan McGerr, Seorlaith O’Hagan and Sammy Jo Sweeney were in attendance for the tournament draw and even threw a couple of arrows themselves.

The athletes plus the organisers and some of the club Volunteers posed for pictures with the trophies and met some of the players before the action got underway. The day was a huge success and the large crowd enjoyed a great days darts with local gent Michael Mansell coming out on top at the close of play.

Eagles were winners on the day too with a cheque for over seven hundred pounds presented to the club from the organisers. The club want to say a big, big thank you to all players, organisers and sponsors including, Colin Francis Cars, Charlie Bell and St Eugenes High School Castlederg as well as O’Neills Bar but especially to Stephen, Raymond and Shane who were the driving force behind the whole event.