East Tyrone Cycling club

EAST Tyrone Cycling Club held their AGM at Bluebells Restaurant on Monday the 5th of December at 8pm. Several important matters were discussed with the most important being the election of officers for the 2012 season. A few new positions were also created on the night, which clearly represents the continued growth and demography of the club.

Riveting speeches wereprovided by the Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman as they delivered their annual reports for the 2011 season.

This was followed by the traditional refreshments which were kindly provided by Bluebells Restaurant.

Below is the list of the officials elected for the forthcoming 2012 season:

President; George Wilson; Vice Presidents; Bertie Cotton, Johnstone Hughes, Nigel Lindsay, Des Smyth

Chairman; Rod Davison; Vice Chairman; Chris McCann

Secretary; Ian Barnes ; Assistant Secretary; Reuben Bruce

Treasurer; Brian McComb; Assistant Treasurer; Natalie McComb

Press Secretary; Enda Fox

Club Captain; Noel Wilson; Vice Captain; Darren Irwin

Touring Captain; Ian Barnes; Vice T Captain; Rod Davison

Auditor; Jim Slaine.

U.C.F Deligates; Gavin Sterling, Enda Fox, Natalie McComb, Bertie Cotton, Des Smyth.

Club Committee; Rod Davison, Ian Barnes, Brian McComb, Gerard Fox, Noel Wilson, Chris McCann, Darren Irwin.

Youth Development; Gerard Fox, Leslie Mitchell, Brian McComb, Glen Junk, Jason Glasgow, Enda Fox

Web Master; Enda Fox, Gavin Sterling Child Protection; Alan Sommervile, Brian McComb, Gerard Fox, Andrew Bradley, Enda Fox

Events Committee; Darren Irwin, Ivor Wilkinson, Noel Wilson, Reuben Bruce, Rod Davison, Nigel Lindsay

Ladies Captain; Dawn Gregg

Could members also note that it is now time to renew their licences.

Full details are on the club website, easttyronecycleclub.com. For any member that does not have access to the internet, if they come along to the club meeting in January they can renew their licence then.