Grading success for Golden Dragon Club

February 2013 grading
February 2013 grading

The past few months at the Golden Dragon club have been an exceptionally busy time with, not only four senior students achieving black belts, but over 30 juniors grading for their next level, indicating how popular martial arts has become and how a small club can thrive under the guidance of a dedicated sensei.

Four senior students from the local club got their chance to achieve the highest rank in their discipline, this is by no means an easy task and requires much time and dedication to training.

External Examiner Sensei Steve King, 4th Dan of the Orei-Do Samurai Karate association, made the trip from Norfolk, England to test Noel Bradley, Martin Devlin and twin brothers Niall and Michael Callan.

The grading was a combination of all knowledge from the most basic white belt pattern to the current black belt pattern, also blocks, punches, kicks, sparring, grappling, take downs, board breaks and bag work, but playing a key role in this tough test of skills was supreme fitness.

These four students displayed great skill and stamina, having trained in the club for many years they done themselves, their club and Sensei Darren proud the four men achieved their black belts.

Not only would the Golden Dragon club like to extend congratulations to Noel, Martin, Niall and Michael on this excellent accomplishment and but to all their students who passed their recent grading.

Further information about the club can be obtained by contacting Darren Dougan 0n 07855 489123 or 79418911 or check the club website for times and details of classes.