Gray victorious at Irish Youth Championships

EAST Tyrone under thirteen school boy Jake Gray was a double medal winner at last weeks Irish Youth Championships held in Co. Roscommon. Gray who is one of a host of talented underage riders in Ulster, won gold in the time trial and silver in the road race in his age group.

The East Tyrone club were also represented by under 16 riders Harry McComb and Lee Somerville and both rode well in all their three disciplines of time trial, road race and criterion in a highly competitive age group.

Robert Stewart is this years winner of the Cooper Motorcycles Time Trial League after strong performances in the final two rounds held last week. First in The Hill Climb at Cullion Gap near Desertmartin and second to Ulster Champion John Heveren in the final straight five mile T.T secured the title for the twenty five year old Coagh man who only two years ago was a relative newcomer to cycling.

Results in Detail (East Tyrone unless stated) Hill Climb Cullion Gap (1.8miles)

(1) R Stewart 8mins.44secs (2) B Doyle (Harps) 9.23 (3) H McComb (U16) 9.42 (4) S Hutchinson 9.44 (5) M Steele 9.58 (6) R Bloomer (Harps) 10.03 (7) G Jeffers 10.14 (8) J McGarrity (Harps) 10.20 (9) B McComb 10.34 (10) L Somerville (U16) 10.45 (11) G Sterling 10.47 (12) P McDonald (Harps) 10.51

Selected Others S Law (Carn WHS) 11.05, I Wilkinson 11.19, D Corrigan 11.43, J McGlaughlin 11.49, M Nelson 12.06, L Crooks (Junior) 13.14, G Leonard 13.29, L Mitchell 13.44, J Donnelly 13.56

Round Ten (Five Mile T.T) Omagh Road

(1) John Heveren (Clann Eireann) 10.17 (2) R Stewart 11.13 (3) S Hutchinson 11.15 (4) D Heagney 11.18 (5) G Jeffers 11.26 (6) G McVeigh (Island WHS) 11.28 (7) M McLaughlin (Island WHS) 11.32 (8) P Quinn (Island WHS) 11.48 (9) G Sterling 11.49 (10) J McGlaughlin 11.54 (11) C McCann 12.05 (12) I Wilkinson 12.10

Selected Others A Somerville 12.15, J McLaughlin (Island WHS) 12.16, J Donnelly 12.25, D Corrigan 12.25, B Talbot (Harps) 12.29, S Caldwell 12.32, G Donnelly (Island WHS) 12.38, H Martin (Clann Eireann) 12.42, M Steele 12.51, D Donaghy 12.55, G McCullough (Bann Valley) 12.56, J Bowman 13.05, G Leonard 13.10, O Campbell (Island WHS) 13.13, J Glasgow 13.15, P Hackett (Island WHS) 13.25, L Mitchell 13.27, D Blevins (Harps) 13.30, R Paul (Spires) 13.33, R Bloomer (Harps) 13.42, P McDonald (Harps) 13.46, M Seffen 13.56, G Fox 14.19, Sheena ONeill (Island WHS) 14.39, Dawn Gregg 15.13, P Devlin (Harps) 15.48

Under 16

1) Lee Somerville 13.06

2) Cormac Lynch 13.24

Under 14

1) Jake Gray 12.20

2) Pierce Atchison (Harps) 13.34

3) Ryan Orr (Old Bleach) 13.48

4) Darren Toner 14.18

5) Conor Boyle (Island WHS) 15.04

Under 12

Aaron Ruddell 16.07

Elite Tandem

A Bradley/ E Fox 12.51


Nathan Weir (Island WHS) 15.33

Finn ONeill 16.13

James Glasgow 19.54

Tame Tuesday Ladies

Lorraine Jeffers 15.59, Sabrina Glasgow 16.07

Final Leading Overall League Standings (After ten rounds)

R Stewart 193pts

S Hutchinson 155pts

D Heagney 103pts

G Jeffers 99pts

R Davidson (Island WHS) 70pts

G McVeigh (Island WHS) 68pts

The East Tyrones next monthly meeting will be held in Cookstown Leisure Centre on Monday September 12 at 8pm. A full attendance is requested as several important matters are up for disscusion.

Finally the very successful Tame Tuesdays will soon be coming to a close but will be replaced by the Steady Saturdays which will commence on September 17 meeting at Asda Carpark Cookstown at 10am. Those interested in sampling organised group cycling at a suitable pace are welcome to join with the existing groups. Experienced club cyclists will be on hand to give encouragement and advice. For further details contact Leisure/Touring Captain Ian Barnes 867 66764