Harp Cookstown Darts


Section One

Arrows 8 Belfast House 0

Thatch C 1 RBL A 7

Thatch B 3 Quinn’s Bar 5

The match between Bar Doe B and Cartwheel was not played as Cartwheel had no team. Cartwheel are now expelled from the league for the rest of the playing season. All games against Cartwheel will now be a bye.

Section Two

Central Inn 1 Dunleath A 7

Gables 1 Thatch A 7

This Friday February 1 will be the first round of the doubles. The draw will be made on night. Any bar wishing to hold finals should place bids in a sealed envelope and return to the Thatch Bar by 6pm on Sunday February 3. Names and venues are as follows:


Venue - Thatch bar

(9 played to 4; best of 5 games of 701)

R. Devlin-J. Coney (Dunleath A); B. Connolly-V. Devlin (Dunleath A); R. Greer-S. Bradley (Arrows); P. Harpur-D. Kelly (RBL A); C. Scullion-A. O’Neill (Arrows); A. Wright-R. Ferson (RBL A); D. McDonald-R. Buchanan (Thatch A); J. Carney Sr- G. Quinn (Quinn’s Bar); J. McSloy-P. Sweeney (Quinn’s Bar)

Venue - Dunleath Bar

(10 played to 4; best of 5 games of 701)

A. Robinson-K. Connolly (Dunleath A); P. Toner-J. Devlin (Thatch A); A. Chambers-R. Jordan (RBL A); C. Daly-G. Grimes (Dunleath A); J. Carney Jr-K. Pearson (Quinn’s Bar); S. Pearson-A. Rocks (Thatch A); R. Glendining-R. Forysthe (RBL A); E. Quinn-P. Atkinson (Arrows); D. Chambers-N. Otterson (RBL A); J. O’Neill-K. O’Neill (Arrows)


Venue - Quinn’s Bar

(9 played to 4; best of 3 games of 701)

D. Quinn-F. Glackin (Roberta’s); D. Malone-K. McGuckin (Thatch C); J. Canavan-P. Quinn (Roberta’s); C. Ross-K. McGuigan (Central Inn); M. McHugh-W. Harrington (Belfast House); J. Symes-R. Chambers (RBL B); J. McFadden-I. Graham (RBL B); B. Stewart-J. Donnelly (Gables); J. McKeown-D. Burns (Bar Doe B)

Venue - Central Inn

(8 played to 4)

E. Connolly-R. Higgins (Thatch C); D. Greer-R. Greer (Bar Doe B); A. Carney-E. Murphy (Quinn’s Bar); R. Dobson-Another (Belfast House); O. Coyle Jr-S. Morgan (Thatch B); N. Fuller-J. Martin (Cartwheel); T. McCord-Another (Thatch B); C. Burns-D. Cowan (Bar Doe B)