Harp Cookstown Darts League

Results for week seven:

Section One

Quinn’s Bar 7 Cartwheel 1

Highscores. P.Sweeney (5X100,141,180), J.Carney Snr (5X100). McGinn (140), J.Carney Jnr (3X100,140,137), J.C. Sloy (100,140,170F), J.Martin (137,100), M.Owens (4X100).

Thatch C 0 Arrows 8

R.Higgins (121), E.Connolly (100), B.McElhone

( 2X100), A.O’Neill (100,140), E.Quinn (100,102), K.O’Neill (2X100,140,145,90F), C.Quinn (3X100,122), C.Scullion (3X100,125,121,118), R.Greer (5X100,140,125,126F), P.Atkinson (2X100,140,134,145 Finish)

Thatch B 2 Bar Doe 6

O.Coyle Jnr (100), D,O’Neill (100), T.McCord (2X100,140), S.Coyle (100), D.Cowan (3X100,111 F), C.Burns (121), R.Greer (4X100)

Belfast House 1 RBL A 7

M.Donnelly (3X100), L.McSloy (115), W.Harrington (2X100), D.Kelly (4X140,100,105), D.Chambers (121,100,165), N.Otterson (5X100,120), P.Harpur (4X100,140,17darts), R.Glendining (3X100), R.Forysthe (135), A.Chambers (100), R.Mullan (3X100).

Section Two

Gables 7 Central Inn 1

Legion B 6 Roberta’s 2

D.Givens (2X100,119), T.Givens (3X100,140), I.Graham (100,120,121), L.Givens (100), J.C Fadden (110), D.Quinn (3X100), J.Canavan (100), P.C Caffrey (140,125,100), P.Quinn (2X100), H.J.McCracken (100,133).

Fixtures For Week 8 (18-1-13)

Section One

Cartwheel v Arrows

Belfast House v Thatch B

Quinn’s Bar v Thatch C

RBL A v Bar Doe B

Section Two

Dunleath A v Roberta’s

Thatch A Vs Central Inn

Legion B - Bye

Gables - Bye

Committee and players offer their condolences to the friends and family of Gemma Toner on the death of her brother, Stephen Eastwood, and also to the family and friends of Jackie O’Neill on the death of her mother, Eleanor Quinn.

Registration sheets for the first round of the doubles will be in all bars by Friday 18th and must be completed and returned with

all fees to the Thatch bar by 6pm on Sunday 27th, entry fee is £5 per pair.

There will be two sections, one for premier players and the other for sections 1 and 2 players.