Harp Darts League


Section One

Belfast House 2 Dunleath Arrows 6

High Scores: D. Loughran (140), B McSloy (7x100,101); R. Dobson (4x100,140), M. McHugh (100,101); M. Donnelly (2x100,121,140); T. McHugh (3x100,112 Finish); W. Harrington (100). C. Quinn (140); C. Scullion (4x100); P. Atkinson (140,130);

E. Quinn (100,140); K. O’Neill (100,140,125,120 Finish); R. Greer (3x140,2x100 17 Darts); S. Bradley (3x140, 180,135, 2x100,100 finish,15 Darts)

Quinn’s 6 Thatch B 2

J. Carney (Jr) (3x100), P. Sweeney (4x100,113 finish), E. Murphy (2x100), Jim Carney (5x100), J. McSloy (125); G. Quinn (121,140,100); J. Conlon (112), Sylvia Coyle (2x100,2x140,111), T. McCord (100), D. O’Neill (100)

Cartwheel 3 Bar Doe B 5

F. Donnelly (100), M. Owens (3X100), W. Elder (100), J. Martin (140,100). D. Cowan (138), D. Greer (2X100), R. Greer (100)

RBL A 8 Thatch C 0


Thatch A 8 Gables 0

S. Pearson (4X100,180,140,105), J. Devlin (5X100,127), A. Rocks (5X100), J. Crawford (2X140,100), R. Buchanan (5X100,125), D. Mc Donald (100,103,125), P. Toner (9X100,106), N. Mc Grail (2X100,140). B. Stewart (2X100,), J. Donnelly (3X100,123), C. Statham (120,100), N. Mallon (2X100), G. Conway (121,100).

Bar Doe C 0 Roberta’s 8

Dunleath A 8 Central Inn 0

A. Robinson (100), V. Devlin (3X100), C. Potter (140), A. Mc Cracken (100,140,120,135,127), G. Grimes (108,100). C. Daly (5X100,120), R. Devlin (2X100,121,137). S. Wilson (125), D. Mcguigan (100), C. Ross (100), P. Cahill (3X100,123), G. Mc Connell (105,100), K. Mcguigan (140,103 Finish), J. Monaghan (100,121,140), P. Wilson (111)

Due to matches not being fulfilled the Millwheel have now been expelled from the league for the remainder of the playing season.

These matches will now be a bye for any team playing the Millwheel. No points will be given for a bye.

Registration sheets for the first round of the individuals will be out by Friday 9-11-12.

these should be completed and returned with all fees to the Thatch bar by Sunday 18-11-12. late entries will not be accepted.


Section One

Quinn’s V Arrows

RBL A V ThatchB

Cartwheel V Thatch C

Belfast House V Bar Doe B

Section Two

Dunleath A V Gables

Central Inn V Legion B

Thatch A V Roberta’s

Bar Doe C Bye