Kildress end St Marys’ unbeaten run in Go League

ST Mary’s impressive start to the GO league came to an end at Kildress with the home side winning 47 – 32 moving them into second place just behind St Mary’s. In Section 1, Lafarge picked up their first win away to Tamlaght.

In what was a keenly contested game throughout the game was only decided on the last bowl. St Joseph’s just got the beter of Moortown to gain their second win of the season. In section 3 there was a surprise defeat for leaders 1st Magherafelt at St Swithin’s while Lisnagleer picked up a much needed win at home to Sperrin.

In section 2, St Mary’s continue their excellent start with another convincing win, this time over Derryloran and seem set for a rapid return to the top flight while in section 3 it is 1st Magherafelt who are making the running ahead of St Swithin’s Mixed and John Bosco.

The ladies triples and pairs will be played Wednesday 7th December. Ladies triples will begin at 7.30 – K McKenna v V Pitts; V Reid v J Fulton; E Slaine v S Anderson; T McKenna v M Rocks . The pairs will begin at 8.15 - K McKenna v V Pitts; V Reid v J Fulton; E Slaine v S Anderson; T McKenna v M Rocks. Byes B Davidson, D Rocks, D Young, G Simm

The zone are just 7 short of having a fourth qualifier this year. If there are any late entries please contact the Convenor immediately.

Mid Ulster entertained Western in the second round of this season’s competition and came out on top by 55 – 35. While it appeared to be a convincing win it was one which leaves room for improvement with a number of players not having their best day.

On the plus side several players had very good games and it was pleasing to see Dayne Jordan so impressive in his first skipping role. Games between these two zone are always keenly fought affairs and the home side were not just keen to progress but to avenge the heavy defeat in Enniskillen on the last occasion they met. Two of Western’s long servants Jude Morris and Paul Wilson skipped in the first half. Wilson returning as skip showed he had lost none of his skills while Morris was never far away.

On mar 1, D McElroy, G Smith, R Clarke and S McGlinchey were behind throughout. They like others suffered from short bowls though it had to be said that Wilson at times produced excellent deliveries. One end in particular could have been a disaster for the home side when with the visirors lying definite 5. McElroy produced an excellent delivery to pick up the shot. In the end the visitors were 9 – 5 up.

On mat 2, S Quinn, D McStravock, A Bradley and D McAllister were never behind against Jude Morris. They led 6 – 2 after 5 ends but had a similar problem of short bowls. The visitors brought it back to 6 – 6 after 9 ends and looked lying winning but for an excellent delivery from Quinn which gave the home side a 8 – 6 win.

On mat 3, M Wilson, T Turkington, S Davidson and G Wilson were never behind against A Graham. The same disease of short bowls at times id not prove costly in their 11 – 6 win and indeed Wilson was unfortunate on a couple of ends not to pick up a few more shots.

At the interval Mid Ulster led by 24 – 21. On mat 1 in the second half, D Jordan skipping for the first time, L McHugh, S Kyne and C Hogg had what on paper was a massive win by 14 – 1 over K Bradshaw but it would have to be said that the Western skip was unfortunate on a couple of occasions. Again short bowls were too evident but as on Mark Wilson’s game they did not on this occasion prove costly with McHugh and Jordan played at the top of their game.

On mat 2, C McHugh, T Johnston, G Merron and B Kyne possibly saw fewer short bowls and while little separated them from G Burke’s rink they always appeared in control restricting the visitors to 4 single shots . This game fished after 9 ends with the home side 7 – 4 up with the overall result in no doubt.

On mat 3, It looked very promising for A Paul, C Hill, D Grimes and N Barnes in their game with D Graham. The went into a 7 – 0 lead after 2 ends but dropped a 5 in the third. After 7 ends it was all square at 7 – 7 but it could have been serious for the home rink when Paul was faced with two 5’s and a 7 against him. He managed to reduce the fives to a single shot and with the 7 against produced an excellent delivery to turn it to a 1 shot home advantage thus squaring the game. They moved into a 2 shot lead, then dropped a 3 to be 10 – 11 down when the game was called off with the overall decided.

At the end of the day a win is the important outcome especially on a day when a number would not have been happy with their game and perhaps had they been the game might have been decided much sooner.

The team now plays Donegal on 14 January and will not suffer the same overconfidence as last year when they simply did not perform. Donegal will be an equally tough game and on what are more even paced mats the Mid Ulster side have every chance of progressing to the semi final. The ladies face Oriel away on the 7th January.