McErlean wins Roscrea race

Last Saturday’s Castledawson Homing Pigeon Society race from Roscrea (132 miles) was the fourth young bird race

Liberated at 9am in a south west wind which helped them on their way home, it was the Magherafelt loft of Martin McErlean who took the top two places. Martin is having a great year’s racing.

Finishing in third place was the Lynn and Leacock loft with Sam Watson’s Klondike lofts having another good race this week to take fourth and fifth places.

The Castledawson loft of the Savage Brothers came in sixth spot.


M McErlean 1511

M McErlean 1502

Lynn & Leacock 1491

S K Watson 1484

S K Watson 1472

Savage Bros. 1467

The winning pigeon from the Cookstown HPS was timed into the Perry-Gonigan lofts of G. and S. Smith, flying two hours and sixteen minutes.

For this it was a 125 mile trip to most lofts.


G&S Smith 1624

G&S Smith 1616

J. McCormick 1614

G.Marshall 1611

V. Thom 1596

G.Marshall 1562

J.Campbell 1558

J.McCormick 1555

V.Thom 1550

V.Thom 1549