McPeake has great win at Termoneeny 10K

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CHRISTOPHER McPeake led from start to finish in the 4th running of the Termoneeny 10k road race.

There was a large crowd of athletes that gathered at the crossroads in Gulladuff for the 10k and 5k road races and among them was about 25 Sperrin Harrier athletes.

McPeake hit the front straight away with Brian Young, who was second to Chris in Camlough last week, close on his heels and last year’s winner Matt Wray Ballymena & Antrin along side him, and this was the way that the race finished with McPeake crossing the line in 34-10. Young 2nd 34-34 and Wray 3rd 34-45.

Other Harriers that ran in the race were Aiden O’Hagan 37-47, Dermot O’Kane 38-32, Gareth Cardwell 38-52, Niall Higgins 39-29, David O’Brien 39-32, Francis Stewart Pb 39-44, Paul McLaughlin 39-57, Gavin Wylie 40-39, Colly Gallagher 40-49, Gerard McNally 42-03, Barry O’Neill 40-50, Adrian Devlin 46-14,Tony O’Neill 46-46, Gregory Cahoon, 47-04,Fiona Crozier 47-05,Dean Corey 47-18,Niall Gallagher 47-32, Russell Bell 47-33,Natasha Henry 48-41,Monica Mullin 49-26,Oliver Murphy 50-00, Mairead Hughes 53-04,AdeleMcNally 54-33,Deirdre Conway 58-58

Harriers at Belfast Marathon

Chip-timing Harriers Times Donal Gallagher 2-55-38, Aaron Meharg Pb 3-00-39,Darren Church Pb 3-07-55, Mel Hughes 3-10-19, Niall Higgins 3-12-10, Raymond Thom Pb 3-22-39, Sean O’Gara Pb 3-24-00, Mark Reid 3-27-34, Aiden Convie Pb 3-38-11, Martin Donaghy Pb 3-40-13, Joe Curry 3-40-35Ali Ferguson 3-40-35, Gregory Cahoon 3-41-03, Jason O’Neill 3-50-49Paul O’Gara Pb 3-51-42, Darren Warnock Pb 3-53-09, Jeremy Dobson 4-03-14Hannah Su 4-25-00

They Relay runners were Trevor Dallas, Connor Martin, Oliver Murphy, Frances CW, Nicola Gillespie, Joanne Bell,Louise Kelly, Deirdre Conway, Hannah Su, Doc Martin, Kieran O’Hagan , Ali Ferguson