Nuts BST foursome qualify for World Championships

The BST crew at the Nuts event
The BST crew at the Nuts event

As Sunday March 6th was Mother’s Day, instead of getting breakfast in bed some of Blood, Sweat and Tears members were competing in Winter Nuts, one of the coldest, wettest, most gruelling obstacle races in the winter calendar.

As a result, BST now have four members qualified for the UK, European and World Championships!

Eight members in total ran in the event in some of the coldest conditions the race has encountered in years, forcing 70 per cent of entrants not complete the amount of laps they set out to do.

Nuts, now in its 10th year, is a military style obstacle course with over 100 obstacles per lap and a large amount of water, the front runners completing four laps had to break the ice on the lakes. The sheer amount of time it takes to complete one lap as well as the water makes Nuts earn its name.

As Nuts was a qualifier race for all three championships, this year had added difficulty for those wanting to qualify of having to complete four mandatory obstacles and receive four wrist bands to gain qualification.

The four members who gained all four bands by completing a gruelling three laps and 21k in total were Julie Keating, Gail Ryan, Peader McCaul and Keith Clarke.

Julie, in a time of 5.04, was second female to finish the race and was second in her age category. This is following on from Julie’s brilliant performance at Tough Guy in January. Gail was third female for the second year in a row at Nuts in a time of 5.16.

Peadar McCaul put in a great performance and was third male and third in his age category in a time of 4.08. Following him was Keith Clarke who was fourth male overall and first in his age category.

All four members will be representing BST at the UK Championship in November, European Championship in June in the Netherlands and the World in Toronto in October. BST committee would like to congratulate Julie, Gail, Peadar and Keith on their achievements.

Taking on a mighty two laps of the relentless course which included, plenty of cargo nets, water slide, tire carry and more mud than you can imagine was Jakki Blair, Cynthia Clarke and Eleanor Fox.

Only 44 people out of 174 managed to complete two laps! By completing two laps of the course and finishing together in a time of 4.50 with huge smiles on their faces, the girls where third, fourth and fifth in age category. Alison Farquhar completed one lap and was third in age category. BST is very proud of their members for taking on such a difficult challenge.

Continuing on from his marathon success last year, Philip Anderson took part in a three marathons in two days challenge in Ballina, Co. Mayo.

Philip, a seasoned marathon runner completed 57 marathons last year as part of his fund raising efforts for the Mary Anderson Foundation. In a new challenge Philip ran three marathons in the space of two days as part of this unique challenge.