Outstanding win for Dungannon swimmers

Dungannon 624 Cookstown 520

Dungannon Swimming Club travelled to Cookstown on Saturday 27 October 2012 for their first round PTL gala of the 2012/2013 season.

After a long break, Dungannon were looking forward to their first gala of the season and were anticipating a challenge against their neighbours and long time rivals.

Cookstown had won a narrow victory over the well established Ballymena Club so Dungannon were under no illusions that a win against Cookstown was going to be hard fought.

Dungannon got off to a satisfying start with seven out of eight wins in the Medlay Relay events. The A Girls, C and D Boys had extremely tight races with less than a second separating the teams.

Dungannon were confident going into the Backstroke events and first place wins were achieved by Sarah Shrestha, Namphon Steele, Adam Scott, Ciaran Deasy, Sean Daly and Calum Bain.

The Breaststroke events were successful with 1st place wins for Sarah Shrestha, Grace Shrestha, Michelle Reid, Ciaran Deasy and Matthew McNicholl. Moving into the Butterfly events Dungannon were gaining confidence and more first place wins with Sarah Shrestha, Namphon Steele, Shane Macke, Ciaran Deasy and Calum Bain.

Front Crawl events resulted in first place wins for Sarah Strestha, Namphon Steele, Erin Bain, Shane Mackle, Ciaran Deasy and Calum Bain.

The Individual Medlay events saw first place wins for Namphon Steele, Erin Bain and Shane Mackle. Sarah Strestha and Ciaran Deasy sealed five straight first place wins of the night. An absolutely amazing achievement for any swimmer.

Going into the final event it was obvious Dungannon had won this gala but Cookstown weren’t giving up. The superb talent of Dungannon swimmers prevailed and they finished the gala with first place wins in six out of the eight events.

The hard work and commitment to training is paying off. This was proved by the Dungannon Swimmers notching up a massive 76 PBs with 39 swimmers achieving at least one on their record sheet.

Well done to Grace Strestha, Jonathon Strestha, Sean Daly, Adam Scott and Sean McCullough who achieved three PBs each. Ellie Kelso, Alisha O’Hagan and Shane Mackle recorded 4 PBs with Sarah Strestha and Ciaran Deasy notching up a fantastic 5 PBs.

Once again Dungannon Swimmers have stepped up and given everything that has been asked of them. This was a solid performance by each and every swimmer involved and there was great delight and celebration among swimmers, coaches and parents.