Parochial go for the title

PAROCHIAL A came out on top in the big two clash with current title holders Cookstown High with an 8 shot win. Earlier in the season Parochial tossed away what had looked to be a winning position and the High went on to a comfortable win. The game was a tense and keenly fought affair without ever reaching the level of bowling which might have been expected from two of the country’s top teams. At the interval it was doubtful if the Parochial would get the win which they needed.

On mat 1, Colm McHugh faced Mark Wilson and the game ended all square at 7 – 7. On mat 2 Damian McElroy just got the better of Dayne Jordan while on mat 3, Alan Paul was always in control against Sean Quinn.

The High led at the interval by 3 but with only a few ends gone in the second half, Parochial produced a better performance than in the previous game. Colm McHugh’s rink completely dominated Mark Wilson’s with the latter frequently having little to play to as he went 11 – 0 down and eventually losing 11 - 3.

The usual fire seemed to be lacking from the High and with Sean Quinn’s rink performing much better in their game the signs were ominous for the High and finished 8 – 5 up. McElroy and Jordan balanced each other out to finish 7 – 7.

Parochial moved to within 3 points of the High and need 4 points from their last game against Moortown.

The semi finals and final will be played on Tuesday 3 April starting at 7.15. The first semi final will feature Parochial A and St Swithin’s Mixed followed by Cookstwon High and Kildress.

A zone rinks is being held on Wednesday 21 March. Entries are limited and will be allocated on a first come basis. No additional rinks will be accepted after the limit is reached. Entries can be made to the zone convenor.

It is planned to hold the league presentation night on Friday 13 April. This year the zone won the men’s title for the 10th time and it is hoped that the players who won the title for the first time and the current winners will be able to come along to the evening. Detail swill be provided later.

Congratulations to Colm and Liam McHugh on qualifying for the pairs final and hopefully they and Mark Wilson’s rink will bring title back to the zone.