Pot Black restore their semi-final hopes

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If there’s a way to dispel any notions that you in danger of becoming a spent force in a competition in the East Tyrone Snooker League, it has to be by straying far from the local catchment area and beating on of your most fierce rivals.

And that’s precisely what the Pot Black players did during the week, putting behind them all those horrible memories of the huge disappointment of their first whitewash defeat in eight years by carving out a superb 3-1 victory in Keady against the reigning league champions, Max A.

The league cup destiny of the Cookstown team is now firmly in their own hands and, what happens when the Keady men host leaders Gervins A, if second-placed Pot Black get a maximum return from their match at home to McKees A then they will be in the semi-finals of the pipe-opening tournament.

The Gortgonis men will be annoyed at not forcing themselves right bang into contention for a last four place, surprisingly losing 3-1 to a gutsy Mitchells A quartet whose previous twelve games had only yielded a paltry two league points.

In Section Two, where four teams can theoretically still hope to qualify, the lack of consistency has always been a problem for the Mitchells INF team and this was highlighted again when they were hammered 4-0 on their visit to McKees B, just a week after being within a black ball of whitewashing leaders Gervins B.

Glancing at the group table, you’d be forgiven for thinking there wasn’t a lot at stake when Mitchells B entertained McVeighs. But a big win for either would have suddenly catapulted them into the mix. Ultimately, they contrived to ruin one another’s chance.

Gervins B drew 2-2 draw Max Keady B,