Seconds slump

Millar McCall Wylie Ulster Junior Cop

Enniskillen 17  Dungannon 5

Dungannon’s hopes of a semi-final slot were dashed at Mullaghmeen on Saturday.

Enniskillen had wind advantage in the first half and Chris McVitty landed three penalties to give the home side a 9-0 lead at the break.

Dungannon did manage an excellent try per Peter Cashel in the second half, but Skins hit back with a try from Ali Duncan. The issue was then sealed with a fourth penalty from McVitty.

Dungannon II: Ben Kennedy. Peter Cashel, Jordan Patterson, Richard Fletcher, Jonny Toal. Jaryd Bennett, Richard Wright. Charlie Sargaison (Liam Currie), Simon Potter, Mark Farquhar. Richard Holmes (c), Paul McCarroll. Andrew Caddoo (Stuart Barron), Jeremy Turkington, Gary Maxwell.