Two Cross channel meetings for local club

THE past week has saw two channel races from England and The Five Bird Championship race flown from Fermoy, Co Cork.

In the INFC Blue Riband Yearling National from Sennon Cove, a distance of approx 320 miles into Cookstown, it was the Breezrmount Lofts of Speirs & Campbell that claimed victory in the club race and a good Open position in the National race.

In second position was the Ivybank Lofts of B & S McConnell and Speirs & Campbell in third position. In the other channel race from Bude we have the ever consistent G & S Smith in first position with G Marshall in second place and J McCormick in third.

In the Five Bird Championship from Fermoy we have the unstoppable Smith partnership once again with S Marshall in second position and J McCormick in third. The weather for all three races produced difficult flying for no apparent reason and all the fanciers who were in the result in each race certainly had their pigeons in tip top

Sennon Cove

1st Speirs & Campbell 955 ypm

2nd B & S McConnell 876 ypm

3rd Speirs & Campbell 723 ypm

4th K Morton and Son 695 ypm

5th G Marshall 516 ypm

6th V Thom 411 ypm


1st G & S Smith 1244 ypm

2nd G Marshall 1241 ypm

3rd J McCormick 1238 ypm

4th G & S Smith 1216 ypm

5th J McCormick 1199 ypm

6th J McCormick 1183 ypm

7th Spiers & Campbell 1137 ypm

8th G Marshall 1133 ypm

9th Speirs & Campbell 1088 ypm

10th J McCormick 1086 ypm

Fermoy Five Bird

1st G & S Smith 1426 ypm

2nd S Marshall 1403 ypm

3rd J McCormick 1361 ypm

4th S Marshall 1353 ypm

5th B & S McConnell 1348 ypm

6th B & S McConnell 1345 ypm

7th J McCormick 1334 ypm

8th V Thom 1330 ypm

9th G & S Smith 1313 ypm

10th G & S Smith 1310 ypm

This week the pigeons are back across the water for the Penzance Classic, a race that is always hotly contested by all members.