Morrisey roasts Elks in nine goal drumming

Rainey Ladies II 9 Ulster Elks II 0

Rainey were confident going into the match, having already met this young side earlier in the season.

From the start Rainey controlled the game, and put the Elks defence to the test. Despite applying constant pressure Rainey were slow to start the goal count having several shots off target.

Ultimately an infringement on the goal line resulted in a penalty stroke being awarded, Karla Garvin stepped up to take it and calmly slotted the ball into the back of the net.

The second goal was a result of what can only be described as ‘footerin’ in front on the goal, until it finally rolled in - another classic Curry goal!

With Rainey 3-0 up at half time they were determined to start the second half well, and showed they had found their form. Six more goals followed in the second half from Lindsey Morrissey, Emma Curry, Barbara Allen, Lizzy Lawrence and Karla Garvin.

Rainey defence were able to stifle any attempt to attack from the Elks with Sarah Barfoot performing well in right back, doing everything she was told to do.

Man of the match was undoubtedly Lindsey Morrisey who’s determined and skilful play in midfield helped Rainey keep control of the game.