Rainey 1st defeat Owls

Rainey 1st X1 secured their first win in the league on Friday night by obtaining a 3-1 victory over Owls.

It was early on in the first half when Owls broke the Rainey defence and took their chance, succeeding in a goal. Undeterred, Rainey took control of the match and soon territory and possession was all in Rainey’s favour. After some excellent play in the midfield and a brilliant cross from Catherine Walshe across the circle Karla Garvin got the final touch to put the scoreboard on level terms of 1-1. Rainey held on to this through to half time.

The 2nd half yet again saw more great play by Rainey with great runs from Maeve McNally and Claire Mulholland to get the ball into the Owls circle. Eventually Rainey wore down their defence again and with a shot from Jayne Allen, the ball hit the backboard and for the first time Rainey were ahead. With new found momentum Rainey lifted the pace and the opposition were unable to keep up.

Yet again the possession stayed with Rainey. Another goal chance was created from a ball hit up the field from Jenna Bowman to the top of the circle which was deflected for a take from Lorraine Hyndman who brought Rainey’s lead to 3-1. This meant that Rainey have another 3 points in the league and hope to carry on this success through to next week.

Squad: Rebecca Allen, Catherine Walshe, Rosie Taylor, Louise McMaster, Jenna Bowman, Karla Garvin, Rachel Clarke

Maeve McNally, Claire Mulholland, Megan Mulholland, Jayne Allen (c), Lorraine Hyndman, Nicole Heaney. Woman of the Match: Maeve McNally