Rainey defeated by Civil Service

Rainey played their third match on Saturday against Civil Service, which was their toughest match yet. Initially, Rainey was the stronger side but with two penalty corners awarded to civil service they were soon two goals down.

Civil Service then got a further break through and managed to score a third goal. Just before half time, Rainey pulled together and with great play from Ciara McNally and Shauna Donald they scored a well-deserved goal. In the second half Rainey continued to play strong with great play from defence Sarah Barfoot, which stopped any further chance for civil service to score. Rainey Forwards played well and kept the ball for most of this half, resulting in a great goal from Nicole Brown.

A disappointing final score for Rainey. Civil Service 3 - Rainey 2. Team : N Badger; S Barfoot; L Walls; R Hastings; J Thompson; C McNally; L Gregg; K Stewart; L Morrissey; S Donald; N Brown; G Kelly.