Rainey firsts puts up a strong fight

Banbridge 5

Rainey 0

With Banbridge sitting at the top of the league, we knew this was going to be a tough game, but we were ready to give it our all.

With Ban taking push back, they came at us strong from the start but with our defensive line of Catherine Walshe, Louise McMaster, Rosie Taylor, and Karla Garvin making great tackles, kept the Banbridge side from scoring.

Constant attacks soon wore the Rainey side down and the Banbridge team went 1-0 up in the first ten minutes. Rainey still hadn’t settled in and Ban got another goal shortly after.

Going 2-0 down seemed to be the wakeup call we needed and the Rainey side were back in the game. With great runs and passing from our midfield, Megan Mulholland, Rachel Clarke and Claire Mulholland, we were creating many scoring chances, always finding Nicole Heaney on the post but their keeper was putting up a great fight.

Rainey was awarded two short corners and with two great shots, Louise McMaster was just unfortunate not to get it by the keeper. Banbridge’s swift passing gave us some difficulty as the ball was transferred from one end of the pitch to the other.

With three of their girls waiting in our circle, it put some pressure on our keeper, Rebecca Allen who made a superb couple of saves, before a rebound shot finally went in.

As the ball was worked back up the pitch, with Zara Bell making good runs up the right to the baseline, was creating many chances for goal, but with the Banbridge keeper filling the net, Jayne Allen just couldn’t get it in.

Jayne was just unfortunate as she had a number of great shots on target. Banbridge counter-attacked so by the end of half time the Rainey side were 4-0 down.

With the Rainey side settled in and playing the kind of hockey they normally do, we were just unlucky not to find the back of the net with many superb shots.

Banbridge were awarded a penalty corner but great defending kept the ball from going in. Banbridge were very lucky to get another goal to put the score to 5-0.

The Rainey side put up a strong fight and dominated most of the second half. The girls were just very unlucky. We look forward to our semi-final against Saintfield this weekend, knowing again it will be a tough game but if we play the way we normally do, we should have a very good chance.

Player of the Match was awarded to Catherine Walshe.