Rainey girls off and running with league win

Enniskillen 0

Rainey firsts 1

LAST Saturday the the Rainey girls firsts headed down to Enniskillen to play their opening league match against Enniskillen.

The girls all headed out with the want to start the season off with a win and the girls certainly succeeded. The girls were all out in high spirits and belief in themselves and the team.

For the first 10 minutes of the match the girls played amazing totally dominating the game passing the ball around every Enniskillen player in sight.

The first goal came from Jenna Bowman with an excellent reverse hit.

Though Enniskillen weren’t for giving up that easily the Enniskillen girls came hard fighting for the next 20 minutes testing the Rainey’s defence Louise McMaster, Brianna Kerr, Catherine Walsh and Robyn Hastings and the girls stood strong also with keeper Rebecca Allen completing a diving safe to keep the girls in the lead 1-0.

The Rainey girls in the last 10 minutes of the first half fought back again completing a ball from the back starting with Brianna Kerr passing the ball to Louise McMaster and out to Robyn Hastings who then passed the ball up the line to Jayne Speer who passed the ball into the circle and Lorraine Hyndman scored.

In the second half both teams came out at full pace with excellent tackles from Claire Mulholland and Carla Garvin while Megan Mulholland, Jenna Bowman, Jayne Speer and Lorraine Hyndman made great runs up front.

Tori Hastings and Captain Maeve McNally holding their own in the middle of the pitch and providing excellent balls for the forwards to use.

Eventually after numerous short corners Jenna Bowman hit one of her fierce shots and scored a cracker of a goal.

It was a great all round match by everyone on the team which ended in a 3-0 win for the girls it was a great start of the season and the girls should be so proud.

Match report by Rebecca Allen