Rainey ladies get revenge on Enniskillen

HAVING lost to Enniskillen in their first meeting this season, Rainey were looking forward to the return match to be played at home in the Arena. 

The game started well, with numerous attacks on the Enniskillen circle in the first ten minutes, however things then began to get a little sluggish from the Rainey side and although there were attacks being made, no goals were achieved by either side.

The second half started with a more enthusiastic Rainey side, Enniskillen were getting pressed hard.

Rainey scored three goals quickly in the second half, the first from Jenna Bowman, the second from Zara Bell and a third from a short corner which resulted in a shot from the edge of the circle by Jenna Bowman.

Rainey continued to make attacks with beautiful runs from Rachel Clarke and Zara Bell.

Enniskillen did not give up and put the Rainey defence of Louise McMaster, Dawn Mitchell, Karla Garvin, Catherine Walshe and Claire Mulholland under substantial pressure at several times during the match, however they remained calm, clearing the ball, ensuring that Rebecca Allen (goalie) had very little to do throughout the match.

Man of the Match: Jenna Bowman

Squad: Rebecca Allen; Louise McMaster; Dawn Mitchell; Jenna Bowman; Catherine Walshe; Karla Garvin; Claire Mulholland; Megan Mulholland; Zara Bell; Nicole Heaney; Jayne Allen; Christine McClure; Rachel Clarke; Lorraine Hyndman

Umpires: Lee Duffin and Tommy Heaney

Next Match Rainey v Saintfield at the Meadowbank Arena at 4.00pm

Rainey 2nd XI secured another week at the top of the Junior 9 league with a 1-0 home win over Saintfield 3rd X1. In wet conditions the match got off to a speedy start, with play extending from end to end. Throughout the first half Saintfield put pressure on the Rainey defence with several runs from their right wing. Their efforts were not rewarded with a goal thanks to strong clearances from K.Stewart, L.Hyndman and the rest of the Rainey defence.

The Rainey keeper, N.Badger, made a couple of crucial saves to keep the defence clear. Rainey ensured this pressure wasn’t one sided with the Rainey midfielders working hard to move the ball into the Saintfield circle.

The second half saw Rainey up their game and dominate play throughout. Rainey had several attempts on goal and were finally rewarded when C.McClure found the net from her usual spectacular angle. Hard graft from the midfield and forwards kept the ball in Rainey possession and saw the game finish at 1-0.