Rainey win on road

Coleraine 0 Rainey Ladies 4

Rainey ladies had a brilliant win on the road as they smashed Coleraine 4-0 at Coleraine University.

In the first half the Magherafelt girls scored two early goals through Jenna Bowman and Jayne Allen. Coleraine didn’t give up that quick and put Rainey’s defence of Catherine Walsh, Brianna Kerr, Louise McMaster and Robyn Hasting under pressure, but the girls held out and demonstrated great skill and strength against the surges from Coleraine.

In the second half, Rainey came out determined to put some more goals in the back of the net, putting Coleraine under pressure and eventually Jenna Bowman found a hole in the Coleraine defence and with a reverse hit scored Rainey’s third goal of the game.

Then Coleraine won a short corner against Rainey but the girls were quick out and defended hard preventing any goals against them.

The Rainey Ladies eventually won short corners but the Coleraine defence held out. On the final short corner Catherine Walsh hit the ball out to the top of the circle were Jenna Bowman slipped the ball to Robyn Hastings who hit the ball scoring a great goal.