Shamrocks to stage dance extravaganza

BALLINDERRY Shamrocks. Shamrock Park. Championship. Football...

These are the words that are arguably most associated with this small Lough Shore Parish. Words that for so long have epitomised the crux of this Gaelic-Games orientated community.

How and ever, the last weekend of May this year will serve up scenes of talent that have never been witnessed before, as floodlights will be swapped for spotlights; football boots traded for tap shoes and quite possibly the appointment books of our local physios may have an unexpected fullness!

On Friday 25th and Saturday the 26th May, Ballinderry Shamrocks will put on a dazzling-dance extravaganza as 10 dedicated couples will take to the bright-lights and big stage of Ballinderry Parochial Hall for their very own spin-off version of Strictly Come Dancing with a twist; ‘A Shimmy with the Shammies’ has all the makings for a toe-tapping, hand clapping and thigh slapping event!

The 20 willing participants each bring their own unique talent (or lack thereof) and personality to the mix and this combined with the teaching of nationally renowned choreographer Lynne Jackson is sure to serve up the perfect recipe for a weekend of entertainment! A special word of thanks must go to Lynne and her back-room team for kindly agreeing to take on this task given her hectic schedule throughout the whole of the country all year long!

But undoubtedly a massive thanks is owed already to our great blend of dancers who for the past few weeks, kindly and voluntarily have been giving up their spare time to prepare for what might just be described as murder on the dance-floor. Yet despite the obvious comradery between our dancers, a competitive edge will no doubt rear its head as the couples will be vying for that winners sash during that last weekend in May.

And that part will be down to you, the public to vote for the couple who are well and truely footloose. Will Brian McKinless be boppin’ to he drops (or drops someone)? Will Anne McKee annihilate all others with her twistin n turnin? Perhaps it will be jivin’ Geardine McIvor who will put on an forgettable performance!

Again, that part will be down to each and everyone of you! So if want to be in with the chance to see Mickey C lord the stage instead of the goal-mouth or see some our lovely ladies strut their stuff, then we encourage you all to come along and show your support on the night. This once in a life-time, must-see show is a definite diary entry.

Tickets for both shows are limited and will be going on sale in local shops etc very soon. For further details or to enquire about tickets, please contact either Jarlath Bell (07704710075) or Tanya McGeehan (07817820780). And remember- keep dancing!