St Pius X College gets the benefit of Sky Sport Living for Sport drive

SKY Sports Living for Sport is a free secondary schools initiative that uses sport stars and sport skills to: boost confidence, change behaviours, increase attainment, improve life skills through Sky Sports Living for Sports projects.

“We’re using sport stars and sport skills to improve the lives of thousands of young people. Sport helps people think, helps people listen, helps people to speak up and helps people work together.

“Different sports inspire different people but one thing is true: there’s a sport for everyone and it can change your life,” said Darren Campbell, Sky Sports Living for Sport Ambassador.

At St Pius X College, the Physical Education Department has run a couple of projects and has had great responses to these. The latest project has been the ‘Introduction to Kickboxing’ project organised by Mr O’Kane. This six-week course was delivered by Sensei Joe Hagan to help improve confidence, respect and fitness levels. Many of the pupils involved enjoyed a dynamic and safe workout each week while developing the basic skills of self defence. This type of project has benefited all involved in many ways from improving flexibility to improving personal confidence.

Sky Sports Mentor Charlotte Hartley visited St Pius X College to speak to pupils about the project and encourage their participation in sport.