Superb win on the road for Rainey

Rainey Ladies 1st XV after their superb victory over Coleraine last Saturday
Rainey Ladies 1st XV after their superb victory over Coleraine last Saturday

THE Rainey girls travelled away to Coleraine on Saturday on secure a well deserved 4-0 win over Coleraine.

From the starting whistle it was obvious that this was not going to be an easy match. Coleraine gained a lot of possession within the first ten minutes and all Rainey could do was try and stop their advance into the Rainey half.

However, Rainey fought hard and were soon able to take control and lead the game into the Rainey circle. Great play in midfield by Jayne Allen and Maeve McNally allowed for goal scoring opportunities, which Jayne took full advantage of, scoring the first goal. This seemed to settle the team and brought around some lovely play to round off the first half.

The second half saw yet more great play from the Rainey.

Coleraine were not backing down but were putting up a fight causing the Rainey girls to have to lift the pace and pull out some great tackles made by the defence. Yet again Rainey found themselves in the circle and put themselves into a 2-0 lead by a goal from Maeve McNally.

Now with a more comfortable lead Rainey started to play lovely hockey and with some great passes from Claire Mulholland and Nicole Heaney the ball found the end of Megan Mulholland’s stick, and the back of the net.

Coleraine did not put their head down yet Rainey outplayed them again by slotting a fourth one past their keeper after a goal from Christine McClure. This was a great result for the Rainey girls, and another 3 points in the league.