Is there anybody out there?... Derek Acorah might know

Derek Acorah will be entertaining local audiences at the Burnavon
Derek Acorah will be entertaining local audiences at the Burnavon

DEREK Acorah the UK’s No.1 spirit medium makes his debut appearance at the Burnavon on Wednesday 16th May at 8pm tickets £15.00.

He is best known for his work on Most Haunted, broadcast on Living TV, between 2002 and 2005 and he recently presented the series Derek Acorah on Sky Real Lives.

Derek Acorah is, without question, the number one television psychic in the UK, bridging the gap between the niche cult shows to mainstream talk shows which rely on personality and the ability to capture the imagination.

Over the years, Derek’s television appearance have made him one of Britain’s most popular and best known mediums, resulting in consistent sell out shows throughout his UK tours.

With countless hours of spirit contact, one-to-one readings, numerous TV appearances and twenty years of live stage shows, Derek Acorah is unquestionably the most time-honoured and respected Spirit Medium in the UK today.

His friendly and sincere delivery, down-to-earth charm and obvious dedication to his work has endeared Derek to many tens of thousands of people, including those who regularly join him in the audience at his live stage shows.

Derek’s readings have brought comfort and understanding to many thousands and with Sam, his Spirit Guide, beside him Derek Acorah’s True Vision tour will continue to bring help to many more.