Discover magic of the mummy

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Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre will be bringing ‘Magic of the Mummy: Tales of Ancient Egypt’ to the Burnavon Theatre on Friday June 2 at 10.30am.

Aimed at children aged 5-12 years of age, the show tells the story of how the first ‘Mummy’ was created,

It is an enthralling and bitter family struggle; a story of life, death, love and jealousy! Find out the history of Osiris, Isis and Set and their role in ancient Egypt.

The story is woven into the fabric of the tomb as the Explorer takes you on a journey crossing the land of Egypt and entering the underworld where you can see Annubis preparing the first Mummy.

Meet the Gods, Ra and Thor, and how they shaped the ancient world.

Beautiful rod puppets, intriguing shadow sequences, and masterful storytelling are the key elements in this children’s show, which magically brings the Egyptian world to life.

Firmly established since 1987, Clydebuilt is a leading Scottish Puppet Theatre Company. The company tour throughout the UK and Europe. Clydebuilt have also toured to the Middle East, and visited China in 2008/2009 and 2010.

Designed for theatres and adapted for schools, both shows and workshops can also enhance school projects and we put creativity at the very heart of our production programme.

Tickets are on sale now.