Pat Shortt wants to know ‘how’s tings?’

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Renowned Irish Comedian Pat Shortt, who has made a name for himself not only in Ireland but also in Australia and the States, will be bringing his tour to The Burnavon Theatre on Saturday May 27,

Pat has been on the road since last year with his ’How’s Tings’ show and next month he will be touring Northern Ireland, performing in a host of local theatres before finishing the run in Belfast at the end of May.

When Pat was at Art College in Limerick his passion was music, and playing jazz on the saxophone. A chance meeting with Jon Kenny, who shared his passion, led Pat down the path to the comedy circuit and later to fame on both the small and the big screen.

“I met Jon who was an actor comedian and a great musician as well,” explained Pat. “We started playing together and having some craic and eventually we became a comedy double act.”

Pat and Jon created ‘D’Unbelievables’, which became one of Ireland’s most popular comedy acts in the 80s and 90s.

The duo split in 2000 and Pat went out on the road with his own one man comedy show in 2001. “I got a TV show in Ireland on RTE, which took off huge, and made me a household name,” continued Pat.

A recurring role on the smash hit show Father Ted cemented his credentials on the comedy front.

But there is more to Pat than comedy. After securing a part in the award winning film Garage, Pat soon gained a reputation as a serious actor. George picked up the CICAE Art and Essai Cinema Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and Pat also won awards from IFTA (Best Actor), Evening Standard (Best Actor) and the Monte Carlo Festival (Best Actor).

The funnyman has also recently completed two films, Soulboy, directed by Shimmy Marcus and Guard, with Brendan Gleeson and directed by John Martin McDonagh.

But he is going back to his comedic roots for his latest tour, How’s Tings, which blends observational stand up with the character sketches he has become so well known for.

“I do characters people understand,” he continued.

“I set it all in a community hall because then everyone can identify with it.”

The curtain goes up at 8pm and tickets, priced £25, are on sale from the Burnavon Box Office.