‘UK unionism best way to combat Sinn Fein’

Mid Ulster map
Mid Ulster map
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UKIP Mid-Ulster spokesman and local council candidate Alan Day had said that a vote for UKIP is also a vote to remove Sinn Fein’s Martina Anderson MEP.

“Sinn Fein’s are predicted to get three MEP’s in the Republic and one in Northern Ireland (with all the Republican Irish Unity that will follow). A UKIP MEP from Northern Ireland as part of dozens of UKIP UK MEP`s would dwarf Sinn Fein.

“UK Unionism is the way to combat Sinn Fein and secure the Union. UKIP represents non sectarian Unionism - we have Anglican, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Methodist and Free Presbyterian candidates that I personally know of. UKIP’s campaign for withdrawal from the EU would see convicted terrorist Martina Anderson MEP out of a job.”